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Concert Review: Oh Hi Collective

Oh Hi Winter Concert Hi-lights

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(see what I did there)

On Saturday February 20th, I found myself in a quite literally underground music environment that showcased the wide array of musical talent involved in local music collective Oh Hi.  Montreal heavyweights such as Saxsyndrum and Devon Welsh were paired up with younger musical acts such as Loon and Nanimal in a way that emphasized community and provided for an excellent night of positive vibes and beautiful music. Continue reading



a4052255328_10CKUT’s annual funding drive is under way! This year, we present to you Radio Unleashed: from October 22nd to November 1st, our airwaves will be filled with special programming from all your favourite shows and hosts. To kick it all off, tonight at 8pm we are hosting a party at Bar Le Ritz PDB, featuring a variety of Montreal artists, from music to dance and even spoken word!

Music will be provided by local bands Cheap Wig, a highly energetic feminist punk-rock group, Show of Bedlam, a dark experimental death rock group and Smileswithteeth, a feel-good electronic pop group. DJ Jef Barbara will also be spinning throughout the night so be ready to dance!

Beyond music, Ill Groove Garden Hip Hop Dance Crew will perform, as well as spoken word artist Kym Dominique-Ferguson. We’ve got something for everyone’s tastes! 

Please bring a small donation ($10 suggested) to help keep our station running to its full ability!

If all those reasons weren’t enough to get you out tonight, check out this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Jndopa39j8

We hope you’ll join us in supporting our station!

-Céleste Pagniello


CKUT Music Department’s Pop Picks


Feeling overwhelmed by the choices at this year’s Pop Montreal festival? It’s totally understandable, and you’re definitely not the only one. But fear not — CKUT music programmer Mike B. has mapped out a plan to guide you through the highlights of this year’s programming. Here’s the lowdown on the essential shows of Pop 2015:

Cheap Wig is set to go on at 12:30am at Brasserie Beaubien. They’re a mega cool queer glam punk act with rad cassette art and wonderfully noisey sounds.

The Letouts + Caymans + Towanda + JLK + In Hock at Brasserie Beaubien
Local punk superstars, Towanda, go on at 10:30. And if you haven’t seen the sludgey, all girl trio live yet, you need to.

The Orb + Mateo Murphy + Vosper at SAT
The Orb goes on at midnight. The Orb as in the ambient house duo that’s been kicking since 1988. They released Moonbuilding 2703 AD in June, so they’ll probably be mostly playing things from that, but just in case they play their more classic pieces you should probably study their last 12 studio albums so you can have all of your choreography prepared.

Hag Face + Brazilian Money + Babysitter + No.Negative
Calgary’s Hag Face plays at midnight. Obviously you should try to see as many female punk bands this weekend as possible, but if you can only see one then make it Hag Face.

Heathers + Psychic Lie + Sigh Down One + Jilted X + Loosestrife at Brasserie Beaubien
Riot Grrrl-inspired Heathers goes on at 12:30 with their brand of “femme punk” and “sequin grunge.” They should definitely be loud enough for you to remember the ecstasy of ringing ears and sweaty bliss until Pop comes back next year.

– M. Baek

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CHEAP WIG // Underground Sounds

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Whoa, no time to talk, just listen up! Cheap Wig is our in-studio guest tonight and they’re gonna be ripping into a live set at 9pm sharp. They have a new tape that’s about to launch, catch the release show, and tune in tonight for Montreal music galore, 8-10pm bbs. Also, who wants tickets to see Last Ex, Thus Owls and Special Noise — ’cause we gott’em! Tune in to win win win.

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CHEAP WIG // Underground Sounds

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Hey folks, Nick here ~ catch me hosting Underground Sounds tonight 8-10pm where I’ll be dishing out local tunes on the airwaves at 90.3 FM or CKUT.ca — if you listen to the website and the radio at the same time there’s a wicked delay that’ll make the show especially psychedelic. Anyway, eager listeners will get some additional ear candy from the local scene tonight ’cause I’m focusing my attention on two gigs in particular this week…CKUT’s TOTAL ECLIPSE CONCERT SERIES!!! The first gig is October 3rd and features Afrikelektro, Meryem Saci + more and the second is October 4th with CHEAP WIG, Balltripper and Squalor. I’ll have Sam from CHEAP WIG on the line talking about what she’s listening to these days and how pumped the band is for the big gig on Saturday! I’ll also be joined by Rachel Weldon and Christina Bell, who are hosting If You Got Ears in October, for a triple-DJ-threat not to be trifled with.

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The Music Department’s bi-annual concert series is back! Twice a year we present a string of shows around the city that reflect our renowned community-powered free-form stylings. Kicking it off is World Skip The Beat, who’ll be hosting a night of live music and DJs at Inspecteur Epingle on Friday October with AfrikelektroMeryem Saci (mem. Nomadic Massive), Veeby and Bolbo Art. Spread the word & bring your dancin’ shoes!

Facebook event: World Skip The Beat

For night #2 of the Total Eclipse concert series, The Witching Hour is casting a spell on all our cursed listeners at the haunted Cabaret Playhouse on Saturday October 4 ~ dark vibrations emanating from the woods are courtesy of SqualorCheap Wig and Balltripper.

Facebook event: The Witching Hour

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