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underground sounds

Underground Sounds Mixtape // May 6 & 13

underground sounds

Your local music show is happy to announce weekly MIXTAPES from our episode playlists. They will be an hour long, and featuring non-stop-Montréal-music. Also, interview excerpts of Josh from Socalled and Dimitrios from Parce Ave Tonight are now online. See you next week!

<<may 6 2013 playlist>>      <<may 13 2013 playlist>>

us may 13 2013 playlist


A Letter to Kiss

Have you dropped by CampusMixtapes.org yet? Made a mix? You should! There’s lots of cool stuff up there right now, including this piece called A Letter to Kiss by our own Louise Burns, and which originally aired on our If You Got Ears radio show a few years ago. This mix is more of a radio-ready letter punctuated with music to help fully reveal the contents of the 12 page note to the rock band Kiss within!


Tomorrow: a special edition of Aack!

Tomorrow’s Aack! will be substitute-hosted by Amber who will be sitting in for the fabulous, longtime host Lorrie. Along with the usual awesome free form-ness of the show, selections will be made from the mixes up on Campus Mixtapes as well as CKUT trax up on the Free Music Archive. Tune in tomorrow from 3-5pm and check it all out.



So, we’ve told you about Campus Mixtapes and now we wanna review how you can sign up for it and start sharing mixes!

Account registration is available for McGill students and faculty as well as members of CKUT 90.3 FM (volunteers and donors):

  • You must use an email address ending with @mail.mcgill.ca (@mcgill.ca works too) or an address listed in CKUT’s membership database.
  • Existing CKUT members (volunteers, programmers, etc) please note that you are creating a seperate account with a new password.
  • If you are having difficulties please contact mcgill@ckut.ca !

OK, go to peoples! Have fun making your mixes.

ISLE OF PINE - Photo by Lara Kaluza via Citizen Vintage

Photos from CAMPUS MIXTAPES at Citizen Vintage

ISLE OF PINE - Photo by Lara Kaluza via Citizen Vintage

Thanks to all who came to the Campus Mixtapes launch party this past Friday and to Citizen Vintage for providing their lovely space!

  • There are a bunch of lovely photos over their shops’ blog right here, do check ’em out.
  • McGill students/CKUT volunteers + donors: join the site and share mixes, whydontcha!

Here are a few photos we took of the bands Isle of Pine and Cobra & Vulture:

Niko from Campus Mixtapes introduces Isle of Pine

Isle of Pine

Cobra & Vulture


Campus Mixtapes

So, we’re launching this new mix-sharing website that we’ve designed for McGill students and CKUT members called Campus Mixtapes! Come help make it official by checking out the launch this Friday, which is open to everybody:


Come start your night off right with an early-evening show celebrating the finally-ready-ness of CKUT’s Campus Mixtapes Site.

The Deal:

8-8:45 Showcasing the best of the sites mixtapes (drink your wine, mingle, talk to friendly CKUT experts about how to launch your mixtape and climb your way to obscure musical notoriety).


9:30 COBRA & VULTURE (Mems Parlovr)

The Site: Campus Mixtapes is a music sharing project open to any member of CKUT or member of the McGill community. Users are free to upload mixes of any genre – whether it’s experimental freeform stuff you’ve mixed yourself, or a straightforward compilation of Top 40 hits.

Check it: http://campusmixtapes.org/