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CKUT x MUTEK Present buffalo MRI’s Montreal Sessions

As part of our ongoing Montreal Sessions residency, CKUT and MUTEK are thrilled to be welcoming one of our favourite local sound-benders, Dominique Alexander, back into the studio. Familiarize yourself with her excellent work below and catch her live on the air from 3-5pm, streaming from your faithful source ckut.ca.

buffalo MRI is the solo project of Montréal-based experimental musician Dominique Alexander. Since 2013, Alexander has developed an approach focused on prepared tape, field recordings, sampler performance, and fluctuation between structure and improvisation. Her creative process employs a wide range of techniques and sound sources, from voyeuristic moments and spontaneous background noises caught on tape to plunderphonics-style sample work and everywhere in between. From a given handful of recordings, Alexander manages to extract minute details and reconfigure them, weaving unrelated sounds into new images in performance.

As well as having made solo appearances at numerous one-off events and festivals in Montreal, including POP and Suoni Per Il Popolo, Alexander has performed elsewhere in Québec, Ontario, and the United States, with further touring slated for this fall. Her work has also taken the form of collaboration both within music and across disciplines. She is currently one half of experimental duo Urlapse with Joshua Bastien, and in 2016 she worked with visual artists Chloe Lum and Yannick Desranleau and choreographer Sarah Wendt to compose and perform a live score for their work The Rules, debuted at Montréal’s OFFTA Festival.

Outside of music performance, Alexander has worked in curatorial and academic capacities, giving guest lectures at Concordia University on the history of musique concrète and tape music as well as on the representation and visibility of women in electronic and experimental music. For a one-month residency at McGill University’s CKUT radio station, she hosted the weekly experimental music program If You Got Ears and will continue to appear as a regular guest on the show for future editions. While working to prepare her MUTEK debut, Alexander is also crafting a future release that functions as a reimagining of the “DJ tools” format, her first released work as buffalo MRI in over two years.

You can hear her hosting CKUT’s MUTEK x Montreal Sessions on Tuesday, August 22nd from 3:00pm to 5:00pm.

Photo: Thomas Boucher



Hello friends,
Allergy season is HERE — despite the fact that it snowed (?!) yesterday and today in Montreal, the pollen is in full blast right now. It feels very weird to be biking around, still bundled up in winter gear, and be all sneezy and itchy-eyed at the same time. If we chat on the phone for tracking this week please don’t mind my sniffles and sneezing in the background. And maybe share any magical hayfever remedies you know of? I’m already rocking the local honey & allergy meds, but am open to pretty much any suggestions at this point — except maybe the freaky-sounding carbolic smoke ball advertised above.

Dominique Alexander (Urlapsebuffalo MRI) will be gripping the wheels at CKUT and playing selector every Wednesday in May from 12:00-14:00h for that chimeric transmission called If You Got Ears. Through deep recon, rake and rummage through her personal gatherum, she’ll be serving up rare cartridges, banging circles, and info stick for your afternoon listening pleasure. Plotting a survey course into concrète jungle, tune in for some coincidence control, hush and scatter, assorted echoes and toyings.

ckut top 30 – may 9, 2017

1. jessica moss – pools of light – constellation CC *
2. saltland – a common truth – constellation CC *
3. le fruit vert – paon perdu – three:four CC *
4. joni void – selfless – constellation CC *
5. fiver – audible songs from rockwood – idée fixe CC Continue reading


Concert Review: Skin Tone, Buffalo MRI, Thin Gaze @ Concordia Greenhouse


The Concordia Greenhouse, tucked away into the clouds above Concordia University’s Hall building, greets you with a warm humidity and lush scent, once you find your way to the thirteenth (no need to be scared) floor. Last Thursday photosynthesis was not the only creative process occurring.

Arriving before the concert started, I stopped to rub my fingers on a purple-flowered herb – annis hyssop, a delicious tea – and to smell the incredible flowers of the lime (!) tree. So different from the urbanity just a hundred feet or so below, I and the rest of the audience was enchanted by the greenery surrounding us. Nestling between and behind ferns, bushes, trees and hand-built nooks, we settled in for the music to begin.

Skin Tone opened the show with a super short but just as sweet set, opting to ditch the pedals entirely by the end to give us raw, unfiltered saxophone sounds. This was followed by Buffalo MRI, who could barely be seen, as she was tucked to the side of the stage (the stage being no more than an open wooden box, a demonstration balcony garden). But all that needed to be observed were the plants, listening more intently and silently than any of the humans present, absorbing these otherworldly yet earthly tones. Thin Gaze closed out the show with a more human, vocal touch, but mixing the same elements of computer and organic for a thought-provoking twenty minutes or so.

The music ended but the humans remained, unable to step away from this sonic rainforest. Just for a moment, it finally felt like spring.

Review and photo by Carol Fraser