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CKUT’s Top 100 of 2017

Here it is, our last blog post of 2017. The list below recaps the most-played albums of the entire year at CKUT, carefully compiled from the logs documenting our freeform airplay over the past twelve months. Check it out, and be sure to dig into the titles that are unfamiliar – there are some true gems on this list, and those with open ears will find a lot to love.

Keep it locked!

1. le fruit vert – paon perdu – three:four CC *
2. saltland – a common truth – constellation CC *
3. arto lindsay – cuidado madame – northern spy
4. tonstartssbandht – sorcerer – mexican summer
5. markus floats – first album – self-released CC *
6. joni void – selfless – constellation CC *
7. deerhoof – mountain moves – joyful noise
8. jessica moss – pools of light – constellation CC *
9. she-devils – s/t – secretly canadian CC *
10. fiver – audible songs from rockwood – idée fixe CC Continue reading

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CKUT’s Favourite Sounds of 2017

In a bit of an annual tradition here at CKUT, we’re excited to present a year-end recap of some of our favourite sounds from 2017. Here’s a peek into the things that have intrigued & entertained our ears, spanning all genres and styles. Dig in.

john b, Jazz Amuck
 Alex Moskos, CKUT’s incoming music coordinator
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