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WATCH: Andy Boay live in the CKUT Studio

WATCH: Andy Boay live in the CKUT Studio

Andy Boay (Andy White from TONSTARTSSBANDHT) joined us in the studio on June 3rd to play “Big Chestined Nights” and “Don’t Desert Me” from his album Evil Masters. Andy conjured a devilish acapella choir from his mysterious boxes, all while roaming the hallway with a wireless mic.

You can download studio versions of the tracks here, and grab the MP3 of the live session from CKUT’s archive here.



Okay guys, so Dad comes home this month. I still haven’t seen him or gotten him a gift, but he brought one to CKUT. Every Tuesday in November, 3pm to 5pm, perk it to yourself.<br><br>  It might be time guys. Nothing to follow here.<br><br>  Seriously though, turn on your radio and take notes. No on-air realities allowed here. Only alternate hustle.<br><br>  Because I’m from fuckin Florida, and I’m busy.