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School’s Out: Alexia Avina


When the topic of McGill student musicians comes up, it’s rare that the name Alexia Avina isn’t mentioned. As both a prolific solo musician and part of the dreamy electro duo, Best Fern, she is pretty much the pinnacle of what a writer like me could hope to find in the student scene.

Earlier this week, Avina posted a track called ‘Cups’ on her Soundcloud page. For fans of her work, this song hits all the bases of what makes Avina’s music special. The whispery vocals so characteristic of her work are especially noteworthy, not only in the sweet, sad lyrics but also in the layered, dreamy back-up vocals that saturate the track. Rich guitar melodies drift in and out, softly fading into a warm hum at the end of the song.

In her Facebook post about the song, Avina expressed her nervousness about releasing the song and asked for kindness from listeners. ‘Cups’ is a soothing track to drift away to, and I hope that the calming vibes the song conjured for me are given back to Alexia Avina in return.

– Nora Duffy

MagicPerm Does the Montreal Sessions: January 12th 2016


MagicPerm have been doing a helluva good job on their residency, and if you tuned in this Tuesday you’ll know that this week was no exception. For the uninformed, MagicPerm are a MTL based trio composed of Adam Finley,Sydney Lee, and Rachel Nam who deliver a range of alt/synth pop/dream sounds for all to enjoy. And lucky for us, they’ve agreed to host the Montreal Sessions for the month of January!

This weeks episode comprised of a hilariously deadpan monologue about a pigeons prophecy, some interactive listener games, a wide selection of delightful Canadian music, and the talented Alexia Avina featured in the studio for a live acoustic performance (you can check out her Bandcamp here, it is lovely). What i’m trying to say is that it was a fantastic time and you should defs check out our archives to take a listen to what these guys have been airing!

Don’t forget to tune in next Tuesday from 3-5pm to hear more magic(perm)~~