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CKUT’s Favourite Sounds of 2017

In a bit of an annual tradition here at CKUT, we’re excited to present a year-end recap of some of our favourite sounds from 2017. Here’s a peek into the things that have intrigued & entertained our ears, spanning all genres and styles. Dig in.

john b, Jazz Amuck
 Alex Moskos, CKUT’s incoming music coordinator
nothing is quick in the desert_public



Hi friends,

These are my last CKUT charts! It’s definitely a bittersweet feeling to leave this office, although it’s with great excitement that I introduce Alex Moskos as our new music coordinator. Some of you will be familiar with his excellent work in DrainolithDan’l BooneAIDS Wolf, and a zillion other projects; others, the real old-school folks, will also recall his stint as CKUT’s music resources coordinator back in the day. We’ll both be checking the music@ckut.ca email address until the holidays, and starting in the new year he’ll be taking over full-time. On a more personal note, thanks to everyone who’s sent us great music, supported CKUT, and generally been a kickass music pal during my stint here – I’ll miss you all!


ckut top 30 – december 12, 2017

1. ida toninato & jennifer thiessen – the space between us – ambiences magnetiques CC *
2. mich cota – kija/care – egg paper factory CC *
3. neil campbell & richard young – six scores- shaking box music CC
4. esmerine – mechanics of domination – constellation CC *
5. valiska – on pause – trouble in utopia CC Continue reading


Shalabi & Koz Take Yr Ears By Storm

For the month of December, two of Montreal’s most legendary sonic trailblazers take over CKUT’s artist-in-residence program If You Got Ears. Sam Shalabi and Alex Moskos will be teaming up to host the show from 12-2pm every Wednesday, and if their respective oeuvres are any indication we’re in for a real treat. Sam is known for his ability to fuse Middle Eastern traditions with experimental techniques in his solo work as well as collaborations like The Shalabi Effect, while Moskos is the twisted mastermind behind Drainolith and former axe-wielder in the legendary noise behemoth AIDS Wolf. These two pals will be conjuring a whole range of out-sounds to treat & challenge your ears, and we highly recommend tuning in ‘cuz this pairing is truly one of a kind.
alex moskos

Suoni hosts The Montreal Sessions with Alex Moskos

alex moskos

Alex Moskos hosts The Montreal Sessions today on behalf of Suoni Per Il Popolo.

Tune in 3-5pm for in-studio interviews and performances from Apetechnology and Tarpit, as well musical picks from Moskos himself. These bands play with Aaron Dilloway and Buffalo MRI at Casa del Popolo tonight, Tuesday June 10. Don’t miss it!

**Stream the episode here and win tickets to more amazing Suoni performances here.**