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Hi friends,
I was in Ottawa over the weekend and made it back to Montreal just in time to catch a really nice double tape release from local stars Alcrete and Welter & Associates. Both are excellent and come highly recommended by these CKUT music department ears. How about you? What are you listening to these days?


Every Wednesday during the month of February, Ryan Alexander Diduck will be taking over as guest-host and curator of CKUT’s If You Got Ears. Diduck is a Montréal-based writer, producer and doctor of philosophy who’s got four solid weeks of exciting radio up his sleeve, with each show focusing on a different theme. On the February 10th episode, our host dedicates the episode to the music, memory and legacy of David Bowie. One month after the Starman’s passing, Diduck will go beyond the hits to discover some of his more obscure tracks as well as music that influenced him and that he in turn influenced. Plus, don’t miss an exclusive interview with British music writer and co-founder of The Quietus, Luke Turner.  Stream this very special David Bowie edition of If You Got Ears on February 10th from 12-2pm EST at ckut.ca.

ckut top 30 – february 9, 2016
1. moss lime – zoo du québec – telephone explosion CC *
2. linsey wellman – manifesto – self-released CC
3. v/a – fixture records 4 – fixture records CC *
4. no negative – the good never comes – psychic handshake CC *
5. tamara filyavich & nick kuepfer – sonic carvings with self healing clay/return fire – howl! arts collective CC * Continue reading

Alcrete live on If You Got Ears

Well hot damn, looks like local Dronepunks Alcrete are bringing in a batch of their Sleepy Winter Tunes/cinematic soundtracks to slow-motion car crash scenes to the increasingly freakish IF YOU GOT EARS, hosted this month by current Little Italy Omlette-Champion/former Femmaggots ax-hand Kaity Zizula, who will also be consuming a live bat on-mic.  12-14h.

Tune in / Stream / Archives!

**UPDATE** – Stream that sh*t on our “Soundcloud”

[soundcloud url=”https://api.soundcloud.com/playlists/24104735″ params=”auto_play=false&hide_related=false&visual=true” width=”100%” height=”180″ iframe=”false” /]

**Further Update** – Download the tracks from our FMA curator page.