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Darling DeMaes + Cinema L’Amour + AKUA // Underground Sounds






Montréal is on the dial 20-22h tonight, so tune in live from the island at 90.3 FM or online at ye olde CKUT.ca

Interviews are in store for you and yours, courtesy of folksters Darling DeMaes, duo Cinema L’Amour, and the incontestable ‘fro of AKUA. Resistance is futile.

New tunes for you include David Martel, Ladytron, and, Hooded Fang. “Whoa” is me.

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TONIGHT on Venus Radio, A K U A


Tune in today to CKUT from 12-2pm for Venus to hear an interview with Ghanan/Canadian synth-soul songstress A K U A !

Born to an immigrant father from Ghana and a Canadian mother, Akua Carson was raised in a relatively uneventful suburb of London, Ontario. As a biracial child in a culturally homogenous community, Akua’s childhood would bear a certain uneasiness surrounding identity and categorization; a theme that has persisted its way into her music and undoubtedly influenced the diversity and ambiguity one hears in her sound today.

She’ll be playing a show presented by the Howl Arts Collective tonight at La Sala Rossa alongside Detroit MC Invincible. Definitely don’t miss it if you’re into good vibes, soul or hip hop.