If You Got Ears is a weekly, two-hour voyage through various types of sonic experimentation: ranging from noise to electroacoustics, the program digs deep into the goldmine of musique actuelle and all its sprawling tangents. Sometimes loud and aggressive, sometimes minimal and minutely detailed, but always bridging the gap between the challenging and the familiar. Hear it every Wednesday from 12-14h EST, or listen to past episodes on the CKUT archives.

Want to get involved? Email your application to music@ckut.ca ! Also, check out the show’s audio archives and our previous blog entries about the sessions.

Former If You Got Ears curators include:


  • Psychic City. (January)
  • Masculine Feminine (February)
  • Petra Glynt (March)
  • Buchinski (April)
  • Ida Hex (May)
  • Gordon Kreiger (June)
  • Summer vacation (July)
  • Summer Vacation (August)
  • Gretchen Aury  (September)
  • Karl Fousek (October)



  • Anastassia V. (January)
  • Owen Gilbride (February)
  • Spike Taylor (March)
  • M P | v H+ (April)
  • Dominique Alexander (May)
  • Suoni Per Il Popolo (June)
  • Summer vacation (July)
  • Sylvain Bouthilette (August)
  • HHYDS (September)
  • C.C.C. (October)
  • Nyon (November)
  • Dj Frog (December)


  • Neuromodulation (January)
  • Ryan Diduck (February)
  • Tim Keen & Matt May (March)
  • Kyle Jukka (April)
  • Jeremy Young (May)
  • Eli Levinson (June)
  • Platitudes (July)
  • Alexia Avina (August)
  • HHYDS (September)
  • Estraven Lupino-Smith (October)
  • A Picturesque Venus Transit (November)
  • Tristan G. (December)


  • Black Givre (January)
  • Xarah Dion (February)
  • Ellwood Epps (March)
  • Markus Lake (April)
  • The Narcicyst (May)
  • Ssurfacing (June)
  • Kohlenstoff Records (July)
  • Kara-Lis Coverdale (August)
  • Myriam Gendron & Benoit Chaput (September)
  • Jen Reimer & Max Stein (October)
  • Small Scale Music (November)
  • Alex Moskos & Sam Shalabi (December)


  • Alex Pelchat (January)
  • Kaity Zozula (February)
  • Michael Heinermann (March)
  • Matt May (April)
  • Frank de Gallo (May)
  • Corbin Ordel (June)
  • Ramzi (July)
  • Doldrums (August)
  • Broken Obelisk (September)
  • Weird Canada (October)
  • Martin Rodriguez (November)
  • Innovations en concert (December)


  • James Goddard (April)
  • Ryan Diduck (May)
  • Jon Shapiro (June)
  • Christopher Strickland (July)
  • Andre Theriault (August)
  • Amy K. Fort (September)
  • JLK (October)
  • Gambletron (November)
  • Jeunesse Cosmique (December)

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