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We’ve come across a few issues so far, but please comment on this page or talk to the Music Coordinator if you’re frequently having another issue. We’ll figure it out!

Error while opening the sound device:


What you can do about this:

1. Check to make sure the switch on the back of the sound card AND the Audacity drop down box in the bottom left hand corner of the screen are at the same kHz (hint hint, 48 or 480000).

2. Go into SYSTEM PREFERENCES on the laptop you’re on, then click SOUND.IMG_27923. Ensure input and output devices read the name of the sound card (EDIROL UA-25), as we see below.

3. Change the Audacity sound preferences (see more information below).


Changing the Audacity sound preferences to our preferred 48kHz and 32-bit float rate may happen often, depending on who is using the laptop. Here is how to do this:

1. Audacity > Preferences

IMG_27742. Devices (should be set at EDIROL UA-25 as we see below).
IMG_27753. Quality should be set at 48000kHz and 32-bit float rate. (The photo below shows 44100Hz – change that to 48000kHz.)IMG_2783

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