Scanning Images

1. Take good photos of the cassette, both sides, and any inserts, both sides. If you don’t have a good enough phone camera, go upstairs to QPIRG and scan these things on the big scanner. (You’ll need the printer code from the CKUT music department to do this, and you’ll need to choose JPEG for the output option on the scanner.)

2. If you’ve taken a photo, crop the photo close to the cassette/insert (but not touching it, just to make sure we know we haven’t lost any important bits).

3. Send the images to (from your phone or the big scanner), then name them and put them in the file you created for the cassette you’re digitizing.

4. Name them according to the naming convention: ARTIST–ALBUM–YEAR–# OR A/B (# if it’s an insert photo, letter if it’s the cassette itself.)

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