Naming the Digitized Files

Naming the files is important because without a specific naming policy it is difficult to search for and find the digitized audio.

You will do four different naming conventions.

1. The folder. This folder is where all the audio and images will be kept. It lives inside the DIGITIZED folder on the volunteer desktop until the Music Coordinator puts it into the digital music library. It is named as follows: LIBRARYCODE–ARTIST–ALBUM–YEAR

2. The preservation copy. This copy is the audio of the entire tape, both sides. It’s named as follows with the appropriate words subbed out for details about the digitized cassette tape. (PRES stands for preservation.): PRES-LIBRARYCODE–ARTIST–ALBUM–YEAR

*Remember to export the preservation copy at 24-bit PCM

3. The access copies. These are individual copies of each track. They’re named by the following naming convention: SIDE-TRACK#–TRACKNAME–ARTIST

*Remember to export the preservation copies at 16-bit PCM

4. The images of the cassette inserts and the cassette itself. These JPEGs will be named as follows: ARTIST–ALBUM–YEAR–# OR A/B

*If it is an image of the cassette itself, name it A or B. If it is an image of the insert(s), name it with successive numbering.

***Naming is time consuming. We find it easier to deal with if we copy/paste the basic text from above into the Save As fields in Audacity, then sub out the words with appropriate data.***

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