“Metadata,” refers to data about the digitized audio. It’s super important for many preservation logistics. The metadata for this digitization project is based on the the Dublin Core Metadata Initiative, a well-known and simple metadata scheme that can be translated easily to online applications. It’s also known as DC.

In the google drive, the metadata file you’ll need to add to is called DC – Cassette Digitization. There are 26 metadata details to add.

The first row of the google sheet includes the Dublin Core names/tags of the metadata and comments containing what the metadata should be. Don’t change these. If you’re confused, look at these comments, other metadata already in the sheet, or check out the metadata application profile.

Cells in the google sheets are also called fields. Some fields will be the same/similar for each digitized cassette tape.


You’ll also have to enter embedded album/track metadata when prompted by Audacity. It’s pretty straight forward, just make sure you spell things right and that things are in capital letters. Comments are always going to be DIGITIZED FROM CASSETTE TAPE.IMG_2827

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