Love the music we broadcast? Want to make sure we keep on keepin’ on? Donate to our station! Choose a gift amount that makes sense for you or choose to donate monthly which is a sustainable way to support community radio.

The Monthlies is a monthly donation program tailored to the givers reality which allows them to support CKUT in a manageable and meaningful way. In exchange, every monthly donor will receive a monthly download-able music mix curated by the CKUT music department. Monthly donor programs are a sustainable way to commit to supporting this great radio station. Our goal is to increase our current monthly donor list to 50, with donors giving at least $5 a month over the next year.

To become a monthly donor, visit our Pledge page and select the monthly donation options. Note: you can input the amount you’d like to donate in the blue box included in Step 1 should you not see the dollar amount you’d prefer listed.

Check out our new funding drive website! Lots of cool benefits listed for supporting our station.

Photo by Erin Ross