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Johnny Suck’s Concert Diary – May 2016


I went to see some shows the past few weeks, here are my highly subjective thoughts & experiences from some of them:

Public Animal, Yardlets, Mountain Dust, Dead Ranch – Turbo Haus, May 14

This show didn’t seem that interesting until I heard this:  

It then became an absolute must. ‘The power of the riff compels me’ as they say. Dead Ranch was cool but Ian Blurton’s Public Animal stole the show. They were the perfect good time Saturday night rock’n’roll band.

Public Animal. Credit: Sandi M

Public Animal. Photo: Sandi M

It’s too bad the four-band bill only started at 10:30. The place was dead & deserted for Yardlets, who ended at 2:30am. Shows should pretty much always end with enough time for people to catch the last metro.

Chelsea Wolfe – Theatre Fairmont, May 16

Chelsea Wolfe. Photo: Sandi M

Chelsea Wolfe. Photo: Sandi M

Abyss is a pretty great album;  that Chelsea Wolfe came through Montreal a 2nd time since it’s release is lucky for anyone who hadn’t heard it in time for her show back in September (ie: me).

As hoped & expected, most of Abyss was played. And the crowd was super hot for it, pretty-much every song was cheered as soon as it started. The crowd’s energy was surprising given the chill gloominess of the music, but it served as a testament to how powerful the music actually is. The room was filled with a sense of personal connection and intimacy to what was being played, and so it came with the overwhelming appreciation to match.

For more in-depth coverage, check out Donovan’s reviews of the show and of Abyss. Continue reading


RADIO PROM! (feat. Garage Sale)

Thursday, April 28th sounds like it’ll be a good day. The date has a nice ring to it. With warm weather, the end of finals, and summer break on the horizon, there’s only one thing that could make this day even more amazing…

CKUT’s radio prom/garage sale/spring bash extravaganza!


The Bigger Picture:

CKUT is throwing a party for all volunteers (past, present, and and future) on April 28th! It will be an amazing celebration, complete with a DJ, free food, a punchbowl, and a dance floor for all you party monsters. Wild times and chill vibes await (choose your own adventure)!

Because CKUT knows how to do it up, we’re taking this outside and partying under the sunset and stars in our backyard. The offices will also be open for roaming and mingling with the radio staff.

Oh, and prior to the party, there will be a garage sale with CDs, cassettes, DVDs, and a massive amount of vinyl. Sweet deal!

The Fine Details: 

1-5 pm — Garage Sale

5-8 pm — Party time!

The backyard is wheelchair accessible through the alley on Rue University (there will be signs!)
The CKUT offices are up 2 flights of stairs.

Wear what you like (no ball gowns required), and feel free to bring a friend, a date, or go solo!

See you there! No half-hearted ‘maybe’s– come on out! 


Friday the 13th with The XX-Files: U.&.I.T.Y a CKUT FUNDRAISER


What’s up you filthy party animals, CKUT wants to have some fun. This Friday the 13th at Blue Dog, The XX-Files is bringing you: U.&.I.T.Y a CKUT FUNDRAISER. So scratch that boring thing or whatever that you were planning to go to and come get FreaKy with us instead! They’ve got a nutso line-up including Aloof HipsterCompton Chic and more wild DJ’s you can jump around with. We’re pretty excited about it.

How much you ask? Only $5 at the door for unlimited fun, and all proceeds go to CKUT. So come on thru for a night of dirty future beats and celebration of all things radio~~


A Huge Warm Thank You

First let it be said that we love you all, our listeners are the realest and we wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for you. Throughout the 2015 funding drive, which was from October 22nd to November 1st, CKUT got some mad support from it’s followers. We had some exciting giveaways like free bike tune-ups and trips to New York or Toronto, accompanied with special programming from our hosts. If you tuned in you’ll know it was a busy and hectic-fun time! So if you donated, spread the word, or just demonstrated your support, thank you.

You can still donate by visiting, or coming in person on weekdays from 11am-6pm and weekends 12pm-5pm. Every dollar counts, and we’re getting closer to our monetary goals as we speak, let’s do this~~



Friday 30th 2015: Howl! + CKUT Benefit Concert


What are you doing this Friday? Oh you’re going to the Howl Arts Benefit Concert? Us too!

In conjunction with our annual funding drive, CKUT is teaming up with Howl! to bring you an amazing night full of great music and great humans. With a line up including dArk mAAt’r, Marika Tirolien, Rhythm and Hues, and All Da Way Live Radio, it’s a good thing you’re coming! But seriously, it’s going to be nuts, so swing by and bring your friends for a guaranteed good time.

CKUT needs loving too so do bring monetary hugs aka donations if you can (recommended amount is $8-$15). The gates to our sweet party open at 9pm, and everyone is invited. Check out our Facebook event for more info!

See you all there <321



a4052255328_10CKUT’s annual funding drive is under way! This year, we present to you Radio Unleashed: from October 22nd to November 1st, our airwaves will be filled with special programming from all your favourite shows and hosts. To kick it all off, tonight at 8pm we are hosting a party at Bar Le Ritz PDB, featuring a variety of Montreal artists, from music to dance and even spoken word!

Music will be provided by local bands Cheap Wig, a highly energetic feminist punk-rock group, Show of Bedlam, a dark experimental death rock group and Smileswithteeth, a feel-good electronic pop group. DJ Jef Barbara will also be spinning throughout the night so be ready to dance!

Beyond music, Ill Groove Garden Hip Hop Dance Crew will perform, as well as spoken word artist Kym Dominique-Ferguson. We’ve got something for everyone’s tastes! 

Please bring a small donation ($10 suggested) to help keep our station running to its full ability!

If all those reasons weren’t enough to get you out tonight, check out this video:

We hope you’ll join us in supporting our station!

-Céleste Pagniello


CKUT Music Department’s Pop Picks


Feeling overwhelmed by the choices at this year’s Pop Montreal festival? It’s totally understandable, and you’re definitely not the only one. But fear not — CKUT music programmer Mike B. has mapped out a plan to guide you through the highlights of this year’s programming. Here’s the lowdown on the essential shows of Pop 2015:

Cheap Wig is set to go on at 12:30am at Brasserie Beaubien. They’re a mega cool queer glam punk act with rad cassette art and wonderfully noisey sounds.

The Letouts + Caymans + Towanda + JLK + In Hock at Brasserie Beaubien
Local punk superstars, Towanda, go on at 10:30. And if you haven’t seen the sludgey, all girl trio live yet, you need to.

The Orb + Mateo Murphy + Vosper at SAT
The Orb goes on at midnight. The Orb as in the ambient house duo that’s been kicking since 1988. They released Moonbuilding 2703 AD in June, so they’ll probably be mostly playing things from that, but just in case they play their more classic pieces you should probably study their last 12 studio albums so you can have all of your choreography prepared.

Hag Face + Brazilian Money + Babysitter + No.Negative
Calgary’s Hag Face plays at midnight. Obviously you should try to see as many female punk bands this weekend as possible, but if you can only see one then make it Hag Face.

Heathers + Psychic Lie + Sigh Down One + Jilted X + Loosestrife at Brasserie Beaubien
Riot Grrrl-inspired Heathers goes on at 12:30 with their brand of “femme punk” and “sequin grunge.” They should definitely be loud enough for you to remember the ecstasy of ringing ears and sweaty bliss until Pop comes back next year.

– M. Baek

CKUT Garage Sale and Workshop – September 12, 2015

In collaboration with Rez Life’s REZ FEST II, CKUT will be having a garage sale and workshop on Saturday, September 12. Come by the station between 1 pm and 4 pm to enrich your life with some fine CDs, vinyl, zines, and swag. At the same time, you’ll be enriching the McGill, Montreal, Quebecois, Canadian, and global (let’s not understate the impact) communities, as all proceeds keep CKUT going strong. There will also be a workshop to introduce you to Montreal’s fantastic music scene, held on top of CKUT’s roof (weather permitting, of course), complete with snacks. The workshop runs from 2 pm to 3 pm, and has a limit of 25 participants decided on a first-come-first-served basis, so you’d best get there early. QPIRG will be there too, with some fresh-off-the-press School Schmool planners.

Here are all of the juicy details:

When: Saturday, September 12, 2015

  • Garage Sale: 1 pm – 4 pm
  • Workshop – Introduction to Montreal’s Music Scene: 2 pm – 3 pm


  • 3647 rue University, CKUT 90.3 FM

You can find out more and ask questions on the Facebook event page.


The Montreal Sessions Live Broadcast from Camp Rock


Hey party people, got any plans today between 3 and 5pm? No? Great then you should swing by La Sala Rossa to catch a very special episode of The Montreal Sessions hosted by the Saturn Returns Collective! They’re going to be broadcasting from Camp Rock, which is an incredible place wherein young women can get together and rock in the name of empowerment and community building. Read more about it here, you won’t be disappointed. You can also learn a lil’ about Saturn Return’s powerful initiative on our website. Don’t forget to tune in or swing by for some interviews and great tunes, we’ll see you there~~


Shenanigans at Popolo for the Montreal Sessions

This week a few of us at CKUT had the pleasure of attending a very special remote broadcast of The Montreal Sessions at Casa Del Popolo. Our hosts, Paula and Pablo, did a fabulous job on the behalf of Suoni Per Il Popolo (which is an ongoing festival definitely worth hitting up this summer). There were some amazing guests such as Gambletron, Myriam Gendron, Dead Moon, LWA, and Blankets!


Our hosts also got the chance to interview Peter Burton, one of the big names behind the Suoni Per Il Popolo festival.


Check out the archive of the session here, and stay tuned for more events from CKUT!