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Photos: CKUT’s Autumn 2014 Total Eclipse Concert Series

Missed last week’s awesome Total Eclipse series? Or just want to re-live the magic? Either way, here are some of our best visual memories from a weekend full of amazing music. The World Skip the Beat photos are from the talented lens of Manikmati Photography, and CKUT’s own Tamara F. took the photo (and drew the neck tattoo) of DJ Damnbrunettes.

Of course, y’all should keep your dials tuned to CKUT because we’ll have tons more exciting events coming up with this year’s Funding Drive… things kick off on October 23rd, so stay tuned for all the details coming shortly!


suoni banner image

Suoni Giveaway Updates

suoni banner imageWe promised you more info on what Suoni tickets we’ll be giving away — trust us, there’s a ton of ’em — and we are here to deliver. The full scoop is below, so be the first listener to email when the giveaway is announced on air and you can win win win.

  • The Witching Hour (2:00-4:00am, May 29): Crosss + Sheer Agony + Shitsu @ La Vitrola, 6/4/2014
  • Underground Sounds (8:00-10:00pm, May 26): Sunfields + PangAttack + Brad Barr @ Casa, 6/5/2014
  • New Shit (3:00-5:00pm, June 2): Magik Markers + Gashrat + Drom For Du Dor @ Brasserie Beaubien, 6/6/2014
  • Underground Sounds (8:00-10:00pm, June 2): Moonface @ Sala, 6/6/2014
  • Night Train (2:00-4:00am, June 3): The H + Ramzi + Bataille Solaire + Event Cloak + Giant Claw + Seth Grahma + Christopher Merrit + Charles Barabe @ Sala, 6/8/2014
  • Venus (12:00-2:00pm, June 5): You’ll Never Get To Heaven + White Poppy + the Marlees @ Casa, 6/8/2014
  • Jazz Amuck (9:00-11:00am, June 6): Die Like a Dog Trio @ Sala, 6/10/2014
  • New Shit (3:00-5:00pm, June 9): Xeno & Oaklander + Pharmakon + Automelodi + Essaie Pas @ Sala, 6/13/2014
  • Underground Sounds (8:00-10:00pm, June 9): Alden Penner + Laura Crapo + A Montreal Paul @ Casa, 6/11/2014
  • Jazz Amuck (9:00-11:00am, June 13): Ensemble Supermusique + Instruments of Happiness @ Sala, 6/15/2014

We’ll also be giving away tickets to the following via CKUT social media (you checkin’ that Twitter account? Facebook? You should be…)

  • Richard Buckner + James Irwin @ Casa, 6/4/2014
  • USA Out Of Vietnam + Public Anima + Marie Davidson @ Sala, 6/5/2014
  • Steve Bates & Seijiro Murayma + Sam Shalabi + Stefan Christoff @ Casa, 6/6/2014
  • Tonstartssbandht + Cousins of Reggae + Steve Jr @ Casa, 6/7/2014
  • A Sacred Cloud + Hrair Hratchian @ Casa, 6/9/2014
  • Aaron Dilloway + Apetechnology + Buffalo MRI + Tarpit @ Casa, 6/10/2014
  • The Great Learning: Quatuor Bozzini + Monday Night Choir @ Sala, 6/11/2014
  • Philip Jeck + Michaela Grill & Karl Lemieux + Richard Skelton & Autumn Richardson @ Sala, 6/12/2014
  • Excepter + Chicken Pet @ Casa, 6/14/2014
  • Bardo Pond + Near Grey @ Sala, 6/14/2014
  • Boneshaker + Not the Music @ Casa, 6/15/2014

Stay tuned for more to come! And as always, don’t forget to check back at ye olde music blog for all the latest on what’s happening around town and how you can win your way in.

suoni 2014

Suoni Per Il Popolo Ticket Giveaways

suoni 2014

Psst, you heard? Montreal is abuzz with Suoni Per Il Popolo right around the corner, and we here at CKUT are very excited to be giving away tickets to a bunch of stellar Suoni gigs. Here’s the lowdown on what we’ll be doling out and when you should tune in for your chance to win:

The Witching Hour (2:00-4:00am) will be giving away a pair of tickets to Crosss, Sheer Agony, and Shitsu @ La Vitrola on the May 29th episode of the program (which is real late Wednesday night/real early Thursday, depending on whether you’re a night owl or an early bird).

Listen to Underground Sounds from 8:00-10:00pm on June 2 for your chance to snag a pair of tickets to Moonface @ Sala (6/6/14), and tune in the following week at the same time to win tickets to Alden Penner @ Casa (6/11/14).

On June 2 from 3:00-5:00, your pals right here in the CKUT music department will be giving away a pair of tickets to Magik Markers @ Brasserie Beaubien (6/6/14) on New Shit. Tune in at the same time on June 9th ‘cuz we’ll be giving away tickets to Xeno & Oaklander + Pharmakon @ Sala (6/13/14).

Dig crazy late-night sounds? Be sure to catch Night Train from 2:00-4:00am late Tuesday/early Wednesday, June 3rd for your chance to win tickets to The H, Ramzi, Bataille Solaire and more @ Sala (6/8/14).

If out-jazz is more your jam, tune into Jazz Amuck on June 6 from 9:00-11:00am as John B gives away a pair of tickets to the Die Like A Dog Trio @ Sala (6/10/14). The following week, June 13th, he’ll be giving away tickets to Ensemble Supermusique @ Sala (6/15/14).

We’ll also have plenty more tickets to give away as the festival inches closer, so be sure to check back for updates and keep yer ears locked to CKUT for the most chances to get into these killer shows for free. Full festival programming is available for online perusal via the Suoni website.

ckut is hiring

Wanna Work at CKUT? The Music Dept is Hiring!

ckut is hiring

Oh yes, you read that title right: we are hiring someone to take care of our beloved record library, help organize kickass programming, and integrate new volunteers into the wild & wonderful CKUT music department.

Working closely with the Music Department Coordinator, the Music Librarian and Music Volunteer Coordinator will work to promote local music and emerging artists both on-air and over the CKUT music blog, as well as assist with the development of CKUT’s digital music library. As well, the individual in this position will work in collaboration with the Music Department Coordinator to curate, promote and develop two radio programs, The Montreal Sessions and If You Got Ears (IYGE). The Montreal Sessions is a two hour weekly radio show that is programmed by a different local curator, such as: muscicians, artists, promoters, record labels, festivals – with a new curator every month. IYGE follows the same monthly-curator structure, but is focused on more avant-garde and experimental aesthetics. Finally, the position involves developing a plan to improve the integration and training of new Music Department volunteers.

Full job description is up on the CKUT website!

Funk & Wagnalls’ Best of 2013

Funk & Wagnalls’ Best of 2013

World Skip the Beat host Parker Mah presents his Best of 2013 with a spread of his favourite global music offerings of the past 12 months. 2013 saw a continuing trend towards EPs and singles with no physical release, which is why these are listed in a separate category this year. All lists are displayed in no particular order.

Albums were selected, like last year, based on originality, production value, consistency, and overall booty-shakingness.


Fimber Bravo (Trinidad) – Con-Fusion – Moshi Moshi Records
A dark and groundbreaking album from Trinidadian master Fimber Bravo, tastefully layering the bright timbre of the steel pan over evocative beats.
Sample track: Life After Doomsday

Oy (Ghana/Switzerland) – Kokokyinaka – Creaked Records
Joy Frempong follows her debut album First Box Then Walk with an even more audacious stew of samples, stories and song.
Sample track: Market Place

Son Palenque (Colombia) – Leyendas de la Música Afro-Colombiana, Kamajanes de la Música Palenquera – Palenque Records
Hat-tip to label head Lucas Silva who has outdone himself with the first new recording from Afro-Colombian legends Son Palenque in 20 years, bolstered by excellent bass work from musical director Edgar Gutiérrez.
Sample track: Agua’ta

Débruit & Alsarah (France/Sudan) – Aljawal – Soundway Records
From out of left field, this unlikely combination of French producer Débruit and Sudanese-born singer Alsarah floats on ethereal hymns and pure originality.
Sample track: Jibal Alnuba

Owiny Sigoma Band (Kenya/UK) – Power Punch – Brownswood Recordings
The sophomore release from Owiny Sigoma band delivers a one-two knockout of infectious bass-driven rhythms and sweet harmonies.
Sample track: Owiny Techno

Astrid Engberg (Denmark) – Poetry is Gone – Phonosaurus Records
This surprise favourite from Danish singer Astrid Engberg blends afro vibes with future hip-hop. The production quality is top-notch.
Sample track: Ouaga Noma

Jupiter & Okwess International (DRC) – Hotel Univers – Out Here Records
An album of raw afro-funk that was over 20 years in the making from Kinshasa-based musician Jupiter Bokondji, he of the documentary Jupiter’s Dance.
Sample track: Congo

Art Melody (Burkina Faso) – Wogdog Blues – Akwaaba Music
Akwaaba brought us a number of gems this year, including this fantastic follow-up release from Burkinabé rapper Melo. Intense flow paired with minimalist beats from the likes of Redrum, DJ Form and others.
Sample track: Yam Sabaab

Mop Mop (Italy/Germany) – Isle of Magic – Agogo Records
A stunning record that is Mop Mop’s most percussive to date. Brimming with afro influences and driving marimbas, I couldn’t help but strut while listening.
Sample track: Kamakumba

Siba (Brazil) – Avante – Mais Um Discos
Manguebeat master Siba, of Siba e a Fuloresta, blesses us with a varied yet tempered album, his first solo outing, full of delicate arrangements and fantastic guitar work.
Sample track: Preparando O Salto

Mama Julia y Los Sonidos Ambulantes (Colombia) – Pa’ que se lo goce – Independent
Their late autumn show at Mikasa Bar in Cali blew me away. Their seamless blend of jazz, hip-hop and other urban styles with afro-colombian rhythms, gaita flutes and marimba, polished by several solid months of touring, is electrifying. See our exclusive (Spanish-language) interview with them here.
Sample track: Distrito


Daora: Underground Sounds of Urban Brazil: Hip-Hop, Beats, Afro and Dub – Mais Um Discos
Props to Lewis Robinson & curator Rodrigo Brandão for one of the most genre-bending modern Brazilian music compilations to date (and that’s saying a lot!). If you want to know what’s really going on in Brazilian music today, look no further.

Kenya Special: Selected East African Recordings from the 1970s & ‘80s –Soundway Records
Funky, soulful gems from beginning to end, this two-volume set proves these tracks are no worse for wear. Pick one and try it on.

Dur-Dur Band (Somalia) – Volume 5 – Awesome Tapes from Africa
Brian Shimkovitz spent years trying to track down members of this band for permission to re-release their music. Now we understand why – searing funk served up Mogadishu-style.

Uproot Andy – Worldwide Ting Vol. 1 & 2 – Que Bajo
Brooklyn’s own secretly Canadian producer / DJ darling, Uproot Andy, riding the wave of his hugely popular Que Bajo nights, puts out all of his bangers on two compilations. For free. Need we say more?

Angola Soundtrack 2: Hypnosis, Distorsions & Other Sonic Innovations 1969-1978 – Analog Africa
Just look at the title and tell me it isn’t badass. I dare you.

Wanna check out the rest of Parker’s year-end favourites? Head over to the World Skip the Beat tumblr, where you can find the rest of the list. And if global sounds are your jam, be sure to check out the accompanying playlist that will act as the perfect soundtrack to recap the highlights of 2013.

From The Vault: Los Microwaves

Digging through an odd cranny of the music office (where, seemingly, an old music director/volunteer had set aside some records for VENUS [Thurs 12-14h])we found this gem of a record.  Formed in San Francisco in 1979, new-wave/post-punk/synth-pop band Los Microwaves released only a few singles/EPs and one full length: Life After Breakfast.  Shooting the gap somewhere between Devo/Gang of Four/XTC and teeming with that particular brand of cheeky erratic humour that defines so many of those artists.  Singer/synth + bass player Meg Brazill’s vocals are upbeat and break the monotony of male-fronted… dance punk???

Closing track here:

Life After Breakfast can be purchased as a re-issued LP/DVD from Dark Entries Recordings



A very plain image indeed

And here it is!  Sink your teeth into our TOP 100 OF 2013.

1. colin stetson – new history warfare volume 3: to see more light – constellation CC
2. saltland – i thought it was us but it was all of us – constellation CC
3. wolf eyes – no answer-lower floor – de stijl
4. braids – flourish/perish – flemish eye CC
5. blue hawaii – untogether – arbutus CC
6. jen reimer & max stein – st. urbain underpass/square victoria metro – noisy kitchen
7. esmerine – dalmark – constellation CC
8. valleys – are you going to stand there and talk weird all night? – kanine CC
9. ought – more than any other day – self-released CC
10. ubt – ego orientation – psychic handshake CC
11. suuns – images du futur – secret city CC
12. un – un – self-released CC
13. a tribe called red – nation II nation – pirates blend CC
14. jerusalem in my heart – mo7it al-mo7it – constellation CC
15. michael feuerstack – tambourine death bed – forward music group CC
16. land of kush – the big mango – constellation CC
17. fire moss – realize your desires – self-released CC
18. pan-american – cloud room, glass room – kranky
19. jenny hval – innocence is kinky – rune grammofon
20. monomyth – king, does this not please you? (behold the power) – self-released CC
21. stefan christoff & osama shalabi – rodina – howl! arts collective CC
22. nouveau zodiaque – nouveau zodiaque EP – self-released CC
23. chelsea light moving – chelsea light moving – matador
24. v/a – fixture records comp – fixture CC
25. grouper – the man who died in his boat – kranky
26. cinema l’amour – limitations – self-released CC
27. astral gunk – astral gunk – self-released CC
28. chevalier avant guard – resurrection machine – fixture CC
29. sarah neufeld – hero brother – constellation CC
30. crosss – obsidian spectre – telephone explosion CC
31. ruff talons – ruff stuff EP – self-released CC
32. r. stevie moore – personal appeal – care in the community
33. le fruit vert – passiflore – los discos enfantasme CC
34. matana roberts – coin coin chapter two: mississippi moonchile – constellation
35. aidan baker – already drowning – gizeh CC
36. godspeed you! black emperor – ‘allelujah! don’t bend! ascend! – constellation
37. u.s. girls – free advice column – last gang CC
38. saxsyndrum – future circus – self-released CC
39. les momies de palerme – les momies dans les pins – los discos enfantasmes CC
40. v/a – craft singles vol. 3 & 4 – craft records CC
41. iceage – you’re nothing – matador
42. hair police – mercurial rites – type
43. ramzi – dezombi – los discos enfantasme CC
44. marie davidson – marie davidson – holodeck CC
45. choeur maha – songs from silence – self-released CC
46. tv freaks – tv freaks – self-released CC
47. zomes – time was – thrill jockey
48. galaxius mons – galaxius mons – kinnta CC
49. oneohtrix point never – r plus seven – editions mego
50. tim hecker – virgins – paper bag CC
51. orchestre poly-rythmo de cotonou – the skeletal essences of voodoo funk – analog africa
52, boards of canada – tomorrow’s harvest – warp
53. julianna barwick – nepenthe – dead oceans
54. alexandre st-onge – viorupeeeihean – oral CC
55. v/a – double mono – aagoo
56. richard youngs – summer through my mind – ba da bing
57. v/a – citr pop alliance volume 3 – citr/mint CC
58. nymph – new millennium prayer – northern spy
59. slight – melodion EP – self-released CC
60. borbetomagus – zurich – agaric
61. body/head – coming apart – matador
62. aun – alpha heaven – denali
63. highest order – if it’s real – idee fixe CC
64. v/a – dans la rue: inspire – self-released CC
65. kurt vile – wakin on a pretty daze – matador
66. brazilian money – old bones: rarities, misfits, and loose teeth – self-released CC
67. diana – perpetual surrender – paper bag CC
68. construction & destruction – dark lark – self-released CC
69. merzbow/richard pinhas/wolf eyes – live at victoriaville – victo
70. chrissy zebby tembo & the ngozi family – my ancestors – normal
71. lee ranaldo & the dust – last night on earth – matador
72. you yourself & i – the treacle well – self-released CC
73. sapat – l&n b/w payne hollow stomp – hank the herald angel
74. open relationship – poochy – self-released CC
75. burro – tangerine rising – U.S.S.R. CC
76. charles bradley – victim of love – daptone
77. farthest south – omens and talismans – farsouth west records
78. hsy – hsy – buzz CC
79. jon hopkins – immunity – domino
80. ross birdwise – frame drag – los discos enfantasme CC
81. sam egan/buildings and mountains – split 12″ – owl records
82. richard pinhas – desolation row – cuneiform
83. lightning dust – fantasy – jagjaguwar CC
84. montag – phases – carpark CC
85. julia kent – character – leaf
86. city of salt – towers open fire – majmua music
87. v/a – rat king vol. 2 – killer haze CC
88. pawa up first – missing time – dare to care CC
89. black host – life in the sugar candle mines – northern spy
90. mouthbreathers – stone soup – killer haze CC
91. speedy ortiz – major arcana – carpark
92. bruce gilbert & BAW – diluvial – touch
93. kurvi tasch/the knows – split cassette – self-released CC
94. chelsea wolfe – pain is beauty – sargent house
95. v/a – psych pop from toronto – optical sounds CC
96. zs – grain – northern spy
97. brahja waldman’s quartet – cosmic brahja/closer to the tones – howl arts CC
98. yamantaka//sonic titan – uzu – paper bag CC
99. spontaneous music ensemble – challenge – emanem
100. besnard lakes – until in excess, imperceptible ufo – outside CC