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CKUT’s Top 100 of 2017

Here it is, our last blog post of 2017. The list below recaps the most-played albums of the entire year at CKUT, carefully compiled from the logs documenting our freeform airplay over the past twelve months. Check it out, and be sure to dig into the titles that are unfamiliar – there are some true gems on this list, and those with open ears will find a lot to love.

Keep it locked!

1. le fruit vert – paon perdu – three:four CC *
2. saltland – a common truth – constellation CC *
3. arto lindsay – cuidado madame – northern spy
4. tonstartssbandht – sorcerer – mexican summer
5. markus floats – first album – self-released CC *
6. joni void – selfless – constellation CC *
7. deerhoof – mountain moves – joyful noise
8. jessica moss – pools of light – constellation CC *
9. she-devils – s/t – secretly canadian CC *
10. fiver – audible songs from rockwood – idée fixe CC Continue reading



nat-king-cole-1960-bw-billboard-650 Hi friends,

Here are our last charts before the holidays! We will be compiling charts again for the 9th of January, 2018, representing everything played on the station over the holidays. I will be back in the office, nose to the grindstone, on January 4th. Props to the great Buffy Sainte-Marie who holds both the number one position on our charts and in our hearts. This woman has been holding it down in the music business and knocking out solid records for over 50 years! Have great holidays, stay safe and all the best in the new year.



ckut top 30 – december 19, 2017

1.buffy sainte-marie – medicine songs – true north CC
2.esmerine – mechanics of domination – constellation CC *
3. julie & the wrong guys – s/t – dine alone records CC
4.ida toninato & jennifer thiessen – the space between us – ambiences magnetiques CC *
5.ora cogan – crickets – hand drawn dracula CC * Continue reading

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CKUT’s Favourite Sounds of 2017

In a bit of an annual tradition here at CKUT, we’re excited to present a year-end recap of some of our favourite sounds from 2017. Here’s a peek into the things that have intrigued & entertained our ears, spanning all genres and styles. Dig in.

john b, Jazz Amuck
 Alex Moskos, CKUT’s incoming music coordinator
nothing is quick in the desert_public



Hi friends,

These are my last CKUT charts! It’s definitely a bittersweet feeling to leave this office, although it’s with great excitement that I introduce Alex Moskos as our new music coordinator. Some of you will be familiar with his excellent work in DrainolithDan’l BooneAIDS Wolf, and a zillion other projects; others, the real old-school folks, will also recall his stint as CKUT’s music resources coordinator back in the day. We’ll both be checking the email address until the holidays, and starting in the new year he’ll be taking over full-time. On a more personal note, thanks to everyone who’s sent us great music, supported CKUT, and generally been a kickass music pal during my stint here – I’ll miss you all!


ckut top 30 – december 12, 2017

1. ida toninato & jennifer thiessen – the space between us – ambiences magnetiques CC *
2. mich cota – kija/care – egg paper factory CC *
3. neil campbell & richard young – six scores- shaking box music CC
4. esmerine – mechanics of domination – constellation CC *
5. valiska – on pause – trouble in utopia CC Continue reading


Concert Review: Mal Devisa, Skin Tone, Joni Void @ Casa del Popolo

I went to Casa del Popolo this past week to catch the stacked bill consisting of Mal Devisa along with locals Skin Tone and Joni Void. People were a bit in short supply, it being a Sunday night, but high quality art was not!

Skin Tone’s set explored the outer limits of the saxophone on a bed of drone, and did not lose any steam for its duration. It started with a couple frozen notes, then dissonant wrinkles emerged and grew eerier as Skin Tone began to stomp onstage – a march away from his more melodic material. His horn was already saying a lot, but Skin Tone made the message of his set explicit: Do not be complacent in the continuous displacement of indigenous peoples and killing of black people. At this point, Skin Tone ceased marching and began free-form squealing his portrait of racism, capturing fear and sadness in a pure form. It is worth noting that this squealing is beyond where other sax heroes like Pharoah Sanders go. If you want to hear the place between overtones where a person’s soul lies, then see Skin Tone and watch him crack it wide open.

This set was one Joni Void had been looking forward to since supporting Mal Devisa years ago at a Brooklyn show, and being consequently inspired to continue developing his style. Playing at Casa del Popolo, as opposed to Art Lounge (where I previously saw him), allowed him to dial up the low end of his tracks. This gave the thick, patient thump of Joni Void’s kick drum a greater physical presence, making better friends with the freckled, high-end glass sounds. The opening and closing tracks of his set were particularly special, being composed not of found sounds, but of photos: the opener, a picture of himself, the closer, one of his father.

This was Mal Devisa’s first time playing in Montréal. She played a string of songs, and it feels more appropriate to talk about her style in general rather than the individual tracks. Together, her voice and bass put other forms of expression to shame. As a songwriter, each of her songs are a world of their own in a nutshell. She does not waste a single word in drawing emotional arcs complete and cathartic. The songs compel you to cry at the way things are, then instill a warm confidence in knowing things are that way. When she sings, it’s as though you are with her instead of with the audience, demonstrating a rare ability to command any space she decides to play in. It is exciting to watch where she will go from here, as she is already a master. Overall, I am super happy to have been able to catch three inspiring artists in one go – all are highly recommended!

– Review by Rian Adamian

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Greetings radio,

Not too much to report this week, as we’re busy prepping for holiday programming (which is a big job around here!) and hiring our incoming music coordinator. We’ll be introducing them either next week or the week after, so stay tuned for an update on that very soon.



Throughout the month of December, our illustrious If You Got Ears curator will be speaking with four Montrealers with remarkable dancefloor presence about what special ingredients can make or break a night out. Your host Zoe (aka DJ Frog) explores the relationship between person and party, experience and aesthetic, environment and sound with a keen sense of exploration during this special month-long residency. Tune in from 12-2pm every Wednesday to find out why we – and you – love dancing!

ckut top 30 – december 5, 2017

1. mich cota – kija/care – egg paper factory CC *
2. julie & the wrong guys – s/t – dine alone records CC
3. neil campbell & richard young – six scores- shaking box music CC
4. mlodrs – dvdul – jmmx CC *
5. esmerine – mechanics of domination – constellation CC * Continue reading

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Hi friends,

I’m sending these charts out a day early because I will be out of the office tomorrow; I’ll be back on Wednesday though, so don’t hesitate to reach out later this week for any tracking inquiries. Also, as my stint wearing the CKUT music coordinator hat draws to a close, I’m excited to announce that starting in January 2018 I’ll be making the jump over to Constellation Records to head up their in-house PR and publicity efforts. If you want to stay in touch, I’ll be at Don’t be a stranger!


Ora Cogan has just released her new album Crickets & joins us fresh off the road to host the Montreal Sessions every Tuesday from 3-5pm in December. Her music inhabits a place between psych folk & dream pop, but her taste in music is as unpredictable as the winter sea! This session will feature live performances, interviews and an excursion through the archives of witch-house, post-punk, electronica, archaic folk and experimental music. Expect obscurities of all sorts!

ckut top 30 – november 27, 2017

1. blue hawaii – tenderness – arbutus CC *
2. esmerine – mechanics of domination – constellation CC *
3. cold specks – fool’s paradise – arts & crafts CC
4. brooklyn raga massive – terry riley in c – northern spy
5. sharon jones & the dap-kings – soul of a woman – daptone Continue reading

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Hi folks,

Well, it’s true – some of you have already heard the news, but for those who haven’t, I’ll be leaving the Music Coordinator job at the end of the year. It’s been a great five-year run in this wacky office and getting to work with all you rad music folks has made it all the more glorious. I’ve got a couple exciting new things in store so keep an eye out for next week’s charts, which will have an update on where to find me in 2018… in the meantime, apply for this sweet gig, whydontcha?


We’re hiring a Music Coordinator. Got the chops to succeed in this kickass role? You know what to do.
ckut top 30 – november 21, 2017

1. fever ray – plunge – rabid records
2. julie & the wrong guys – s/t – dine alone records CC
3. deerhoof – mountain moves – joyful noise
4. godspeed you! black emperor – luciferian towers – constellation CC *
5. john carpenter – anthology: movie themes – sacred bones Continue reading


Album Review: Sharon Jones – Soul of a Woman

Whenever I talk to relatives or family friends about music, I’m often besieged with the common complaint of how “they just don’t make music like they used to.” It’s true that many new genres and subgenres of music have developed over the past several decades, but if people are complaining about the lack of “old-school” music in the modern day, then it’s clear they have not heard about Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings.

Grammy nominee and subject of acclaimed documentary Miss Sharon Jones!, Sharon Jones had an awe-inspiring career as a soul singer before her tragic death almost exactly one year ago, on November 18th, 2016. Jones and the Dap-Kings released seven studio albums over the course of 17 years, each one encapsulating the raw, Aretha-like authenticity that Jones made a standard in her work. The release of the group’s newest album Soul of a Woman almost exactly one year after Jones’s death is a sad yet significant reminder of the inspirational power possessed by this incredible woman.

Soul of a Woman relates directly back to the title as a reflection of album’s thematic context. The tracks vary in subject matter, ranging from elements of love and break-ups to the importance of hard work and in some cases even religion, yet they demonstrate the day-to-day experience of a modern woman. Every lyric of this album is relatable to a level that is almost uncanny. While listening through this album for the first time, I often found myself believing Jones was singing directly to me about own experiences — something I can honestly say I’ve never experienced before.

The album begins with the strong opening of “Matter of Time,” a song rich with gospel-influenced call-and-response elements. The simple harmonies add invigorating, but not overpowering, dimension to Jones’s dominant voice. The track is upbeat and light-hearted and sets the listener up for what seems to be a fun, bluesy journey. Interestingly though, this is not the case; while many of the earlier songs on the album are upbeat, the tempo goes through a notable downwards trend as the album progresses, with songs becoming more impactful in terms of orchestration, shifting genres from blues to soul to gospel, and finally coming to rest with its inspiring terminus “Call on God” and its optimistic chorus “Call on God/and He’ll carry you through.” It carries the message of Soul of a Woman in a soft yet powerful manner and is the perfect closing to an album about love and loss.

The climax of this album, in my opinion, comes with the second to last track “Girl (You’ve Got To Forgive Him).” Jones takes on the role of an instructive friend: her vocals, laden with intense emotion, are laid over heightened orchestral sound, which will leave this song echoing in the listener’s mind for the rest of the album’s duration.

If you’re looking for an empowering album that perfectly captures the spirit of ’60s and ’70s soul, then this album is a must. Soul of a Woman not only succeeds in proudly carrying the torch of what many incorrectly consider to be a dying genre, but also encompasses the enormous spirit of Sharon Jones herself.

– Review by Madison Palmer
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Hi everyone,

I’ve been under the weather for the past week and have consequently missed a string of really good shows here in Montreal: Colleen, Do Make Say Think, Circuit des Yeux, Aim Low, the list goes on and on… Instead, I have been opting for extra sleep, cold meds, and plenty of soup to try and kick this bug. Got any secret remedies that unfailingly bring you back to life when cold season hits? Send ‘em over.


Local duo Nyon is a force to be reckoned with: drawing equally from the realms of noise, drone, and free jazz, these expert sound-benders have carved out a truly unique space within Montreal’s experimental scene. Together J. Goddard & C. Scott bring their eclectic and often harsh sonic worlds to the masses every Wednesday in November for our If You Got Ears residency, and you’re cordially invited along for the ride. Stream it live from 12-2pm and gear up for some of the most out-there sounds on the dial.

ckut top 30 – november 14, 2017

1. mich cota – kija/care – egg paper factory CC *
2. chad van gaalen – light information – flemish eye CC
3. blue hawaii – tenderness – arbutus CC *
4. cold specks – fool’s paradise – arts & crafts CC
5. alvarius b – with a beaker on the burner and an otter in the oven – abduction Continue reading