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Dorian Scheidt is a Musician, Sound Technician, Radio Producer, and Web Developer living in the greatest city in the (known) world, Montréal, QC.

Loosestrife and Look Vibrant – MTLIVE

Loosestrife and Look Vibrant – MTLIVE

Hey hey, Internet-enabled Radio-Enthusiasts

Good News! More awesome live videos in our ongoing co-lab with visual-whiz-bang-crew TVM!

This time, we’ve got a pair of captured performances featuring a pair of local bands, each of which consist of a pair of musicians: Loosestrife and Look Vibrant! Now I’m gonna go eat a pair of pears, just for good measure.


TL;DW: Awesome backlighting, “punk”, Serious Facial Expressions


TL;DW: Nice coats, Harmonny

Keep yr eyes peeled to this here music blog for more videos in the series in the near-esq future. Next up: CKUT falsetto-favs Year of Glad!

Montréalive :: Femmaggots ++ She Divides!

Montréalive :: Femmaggots ++ She Divides!

Hey Radio Pals,

While the main focus these days around the station is on our annual funding drive, we’ve also recently dusted off our collaboration-shoes and started working with our good friends over at TVM to bring you a brand new series of videos featuring some of the incredible music that graces our streets, venues and airwaves here in Montréal.

As you may have guessed from the title of this post, we’re calling the series Montréalive.

We’ve already posted the first two videos, and many more are on the way!

First up: The notorious Femmaggots with their infectious tune Parrot.

And second, local synthy space cadets She Divides, bringing the haze in a converted garage.

Keep it Locked on the music blog for more videos from the series coming your way soon!

Wanna get involved? Hit us up!

Big Brave Live at Pop Montreal

Pop Montreal 2013 Review: Big Brave

Big Brave Live at Pop Montreal

I arrived at the red roof church just barely in time to catch the members of Big Brave finishing their setup before launching into what quickly became my favourite set of the festival.

Though I guess “launching” may not be the correct word, as it implies far more thrust and speed than Big Brave bring to the proverbial table. More like a determined stagger, a slow pace toward an inexorable conclusion regardless of all obstacles.

The overwhelming “slow-heavy” the band conjures is made from the simplest of components: just two guitars, one voice, and three drums. In that giant room, it was all that was necessary.

Big Brave know what they’re about: tension and contrast. They don’t fuck around with “unique instrumentation” or “complex arrangements.” They play guitars, they hit drums, and they wail. They do it loud, except in all the quiet parts. They know how to make you wait, and they know how to deliver: subtlety is a dangerous weapon.

A snare drum in a room of the right size, when hit just hard enough, can cut deep into one’s soul.

I’m still recovering, and I mean that in the best possible way.

UPDATE: You can now watch a video of the entire set!

Ramzi Album Cover

Post Pop New Shit!

Ramzi Album Cover

This week was our annual Post-Pop hangover broadcast, featuring highlights from the festival including Big Brave, Pop. 1280, and Dam Ships.

Also in the last week, the annual Polaris Music Prize was awarded to longtime station fav’s Godspeed You! Black Emperor. New Shit regular (and current blogger!) Dorian was in Toronto for the gala, and had a word or two to say about the event, the jury and of course, the winner.

You can read Godspeed’s internet-debate-igniting statement on the Constellation Records website.

We were also lucky enough to be joined live in studio by local noisemaker RAMZI! We got to chat about small scale independant touring, performing four times during Pop Montreal, being selected to play as part of “Best of the Fest” on Sunday at Casa del Popolo, and her upcoming release on Los Discos Enfantasmes.

It all made for some enjoyable, if mildly hungover, radio making.

If you missed it live, check it on the archive!

charts aug27


charts aug27

Hey radio,

I’ve been trying to soak up these last remnants of summer here in Montreal, celebrating friends’ birthdays with picnics in the park and hosting outdoor movie screenings on my balcony. My elderly laptop had a few wipe-outs so I’ve been wasting far less time on the internet and putting more time into reading, drawing, and making music – trying to see the silver lining, y’know?

We are also gearing up for back-to-school action here at CKUT, and there are plenty of great station happenings in the works. Stay tuned over the next few weeks for updates on environmental speakers, a music dept garage sale, funding drive, et plus!

Loud charts return next week.


ckut top 30 – august 27, 2013
esmerine – dalmark – constellation CC
stefan christoff & osama shalabi – rodina – howl! arts collective CC
julianna barwick – nepenthe – dead oceans
sarah neufeld – hero brother – constellation CC
braids – flourish/perish – flemish eye CC
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Archery Guild make a Hell of a DIN!

Archery Guild make a Hell of a DIN!

Way back in the heady days of April, 2013, TVM and CKUT teamed up to film groups of people making loud sounds in an intentional manner.

On such ensemble were the Fearsome and Mammoth Archery Guild, an 8 or 9 piece post-indie-rock-orchestra. They crammed their St. Henri rehearsal space full of people and noise, and jammed out the rather epic “Featherweight” for our Cameras and Microphones.

McGill Music – Archery Guild from TVM Student Television on Vimeo.

Marie Davidson

Marie Davidson Interview on New Shit!

Marie Davidson

This afternoon on thee New Shit Radio Programme we were joined by the ever evolving Marie Davidson in preparation for the launch of her solo debut self titled cassette this Wednesday at Casa Del Popolo.

Already well known in the Montreal music scene for her work with Les Momies de Palerme, Essaie Pas, DKMD, Land of Kush and more, Marie is now beginning a new musical chapter. She refers to her solo work as Existential Pop: Dark, haunted sounds with some seriously dance inspired inclinations define this new release.

We spoke about the move towards dance music, her past collaborators, new label and more.

And as always: upcoming shows, brand new tunes, and all kinds of good times!

What are you waiting for? Snag it on the Archive!

Show Review: Bill Orcutt and Chris Corsano at Casa June 12/2013

The ever lovely Casa Del Popolo was packed to the brim (as per Suoni-usual) on a rather warm wednesday night earlier this month.

Losing Control Live at Casa Del Popolo

The evening of experimental sounds began with a rather new combination of some stalwarts of the Montréal improv scene: Losing Control. The pairing of Sam Shalabi (Guitar, Oud, Electronics) and Philippe Lauzier (Alto Sax, Bass Clarinet), both known for a multitude of other projects (among them: Shalabi Effect, Detention, Land of Kush, Quartetski, and more) was both obvious and entirely unexpected. Combining long form drones with sharp changes in direction and sudden dashes of both punk rock and psychedelia, Losing Control both defied and embraced their namesake. Never feeling afraid to colour outside the lines, the veteran improvisers displayed the talent and skill they have both developed over decades. Playing off each other expertly, and often veering swiftly in the opposite direction: chasing one another in musical circles through a wide variety of moods and atmospheres.

As a warm up act, the hungry and attentive crowd could not have asked for more.

The Main Event, however, took things to a whole new level of tension and intensity.

Bill Orcutt and Chris Corsano Live at Casa Del Popolo

Another new pairing of old hands, Bill Orcutt and Chris Corsano each push the other to new heights of all out chaos. Already captured in the blasted, bruised and burned out live recording The Raw and the Cooked, the two are perfect for each other.

Since the demise of Orcutt’s previous duo (and legendary noise rock band) Harry Pussy in the late 90’s and his re-emergence in 2009 on the four stringed acoustic guitar, the question of a return to electric instruments has been on the tips of tongues of abrasive audio enthusiasts everywhere. His two albums in this format – A New Way to Pay Old Debts and How the Thing Sings each serve to establish him as a master of aggravated auditory assault. Easily taking care of sounds both melodic and percussive, neither album leaves much to be desired.

However, in this world of hyper expressivity, the desire for MORE and LOUDER and FIRE is ever present.

While (unfortunately) I was not yet paying quite as much attention during the days of Harry Pussy’s reign of terror, I can certainly say that this new collaboration fires on more cylinders than I care to count.

Of course, Chris Corsano is obviously no slouch himself. Keeping things locked down in the drums department for such a diverse crew as Bjork, Jandek, Six Organs of Admittance and many others, as well as performing solo, he too is a legend in his own right. A brief look through his discography is almost as dizzying as his explosive performance.

Bill Orcutt and Chris Corsano Live at Casa del Popolo

At this point, descriptions begin to fail me. Abstract metaphor is the only way to do such abstract art any kind of justice.

As Orcutt spews acid from his fingers, synthesized somehow through steel strings and some speaker wire, Corsano rides his drums rather than plays them. As if barely holding on, the barrage of staccato stabs cut quickly through air and eardrums. This music was a wild, ravenous beast, the musicians barely holding it back as it struggled to bite each and every audience member in the throat. I could feel the spittle on my face.

Playing with fire, getting burned, peeling back the skin, and watching the pus ooze.

Ah Suoni, always bringing us the best in explosive, dangerous and frightening.

These are the kind of scars that don’t fade quickly.

Photo Credit: Katerina Pansera

WATCH Cinéma L’amour get Loopy!

Local loop-rock duo Cinéma L’amour teamed up with CKUT and TVM recently for a video shoot in their weirdo loft.

Guitar tones aplenty, positively preposterous percussive displays, and a serious merger of Proggy structures and Poppy sounds await!

McGill Music- Cinéma L’amour from TVM Student Television on Vimeo.

If you dig the tunage, the band is dropping their debut full length record (which currently sits perched at #2 on this week’s charts!) this Friday, May 31st. All the deets are right over here!

Video by Sarah Leitner and Chantal Africa
Sound by Dorian Scheidt