Premier A Lighthouse at Night – Anarchist Mountains and Francesca Tallone

CKUT’s Music Department is proud to premiere a new video work by video artist Francesca Tallone that accompanies A Lighthouse at Night, a piece by the duet Anarchist Mountains. This is a duet project by brothers Jordan and Stefan Christoff which explores ambient tonalities and experimental instrumentation. Their latest album Fire Waves is out on Oxtail Recordings based in Perth, Australia.

Francesca writes:

“I was drawn to the rhythmic sounds in the song and saw layers of fog rolling past, through trees over and over, enveloping the lighthouse and blanketing the trees and muffling the sounds.”

On the Fire Waves album, a review on Beats Per Minute outlines:

“Far from the navel-gazing new age music most people might associate with that label, these songs have a purpose, acting as excursions through both our conscious and subconscious thoughts. Gentle but insistent in their approach to bringing light to the darker corners of our mind, the tracks acknowledge what is sometimes lurking at the edge of our perception, shadows that attempt to influence and move us to act in ways counter to our internal programming. These tracks provide space for us to engage with and mold those dark shapes into something constructive and necessary for good mental health.”