Daily Archives: June 22, 2022


CKUT is pleased to share a new video by Anarchist Mountain from their album A Balkan Spacewalk, out on Alien Garage records, a label based between Wisconsin and Japan. The album mixes synth, field recordings and guitars.

Anarchist Mountains is an ongoing project of musicians Stefan and Jordan Christoff. Jordan plays in PJS and many other projects. Stefan is a longtime member of CKUT radio who has recorded and released multiple albums with musicians both locally and internationally, including Lori Goldston and Sam Shalabi.

For this album, the second track, “A Spacewalk Memory,” was worked into a video piece by filmmaker Sonya Stefan, based on footage recorded in Bulgaria by Stefan. Sonya writes:

When Stefan Christoff shared his personal archives from Bulgaria as a beginning point of our collaboration, it immediately inspired me. I was transported into a dream-like location as I watched the passing images taken from a vehicle of some sort. I filtered the images through layers of glass and on various fabrics, imagining the feeling one has when walking and exploring unknown places. The video ends in a parking lot with scattered lawn chairs and a large tree, reminding me of my home and family, transporting me to a place of connection with the Christoff brothers.