Jean Néant / Joni Void Hosts The Montreal Sessions


Jean Néant / Joni Void returns to host CKUT’s Montréal Sessions, every Tuesday from 3-5pm during the month of April, to present his new album Mise En Abyme, releasing March 29th on Constellation Records.

In similar fashion to his previous appearance on the session Void presents a series of lucid dream broadcasts to expand on the release of his new album. Joni Void will be presenting,immersive, conceptual mixes, that transcend genres and traditional radio-play, offering cinematic soundscapes, introspective and emotive sonic journeys, time travel sensations, “barely there music”, textural ambiances, end of world tension, surrealism and minimalism… The second half of each episode will feature a friend/guest/collaborator, who will be given “carte blanche” to portray themselves in a creation/audio form of their own.

These guests are:
Sonya Stefan,
Eddie Wagner (Sometimes, People),
N NAO, Jerry Quickley
and Sarah Pagé

Tune in and Join the Void.