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CKUT TOP 30 FOR NOV 16, 2018

1. jerusalem in my heart – daqa’iq tudaiq – constellation CC*
2. world provider – old dreams – self*
3. fucked up – dose your dreams – arts and crafts – self CC
4. fire-tools – skinless x-1 – hausu mountain 

5. cmd – haptic controls – jacktone CC*
6. brahja – you out sasquash haolin – friends and alien tapes CC

7. adult – the behavior – dias

8. alpha strategy – the gurgler – antenna krzyku CC
9. kinnie starr -feed the fire – podia CC
10. sarah davachi -gave in rest – ba da bing!
11..ital tek – bodied – planet mu
12. roger doyle – oizzo-no – cacophonic
13. terrorizer – caustic attack – the end records
14. matt warren – music is my life – wake up! music
15. mitski – be the cowboy – dead oceans
16. william parker – voices fall from the sky – centering/aum fidelity
17. obuxum – h.e.r. ep – urbnet 
18. bruce haack – the preservation tapes – telephone explosion
19. evoken – hypnagogia – profound lore
20. denzel curry – TA1300 – loma vista
21. low – double negative – sub pop
22. tawanda – freak of nurture – self
23. orcutt/corsano – brace up – palilalia 
24. guttersnipe – my mother the vent – upset the rhythm
25. marie davidson – working class woman – ninja tune CC*
26. forma – semblance – kranky
27. andrew bernstein – an exploded view of time – hausu mountain
28. electric indigo – 511593 – imbalance computer music

29. blondie – heart of glass (ep) – numero 

30. oren ambarchi & jim orourke (feat u-zhaan) – hence -editions mego

ckut rpm – nov 13, 2018

1. sarah davachi – gave in rest – ba da bing CC
2. orphx – learn to suffer – sonic groove CC
3. puce mary – the drought – pan
4. richard devine – sort/lave – timesig
5. kelly moran – ultraviolet – warp
6. hiro kone – pure expenditure – dais records
7. aos – violent light – second nature
8. 4023 – 4023 – jacktone
9. various – spectral 139 – spectral sound
10. ectomorph – stalker – interdimensional transmissions

ckut jazz – november 13, 2018

1.satoko fujii / alister spence – intelsat – alaster spence music
2,devin grey – dirigo rataplan II – rataplan
3.michael formanek elusion 4tet – time like this – intakt
4.nicole mitchell / tomeka reid / fay victor / aruán ortiz – maroon cloud – fpe 
5.françois houle / alexander hawkins / harris eisenstadt – you have options – songlines ©
6.steve coleman & 5 elements – live at the village vanguard, vol. I (the embedded sets) – pi
7.dave rempis / tomeka reid / joshua abrams – ithra – aerophonic
8.jason kao hwang – blood!  – _self_ / bandcamp
9.hearts and minds – electroradiance  – astral spirits
10.the cluttertones w/ lee pui ming – leeways – snailbongbong ©

ckut global – nov 13 2018

1.okan – laberinto – lula world records CC 

2.dur dur – volume 1 & volume 2 – analog africa
3.jupiter and okwess kin sonic – everloving 

4.various – chevron vol 2: french boogie 1979- 1982 – born bad

5.don cherry – home boy sister out – wewantsounds

6 michalis terzis and vasilis skoulas – a tribute to greece – arc music

7. chancha via circuito – bienaventuranza – wonderwheel recordings

8.pierre sandwidi – le troubadour de la savane 78-82 – born bad

9.catrin finch & seckou keita – soar – bendigedig

10.the irish rovers – the unicorn – rover records

ckut beatbox – nov 6, 2018 

1.kinnie starr – feed the fire – aporia

2.shad – a short story about a war – secret city

3.denzel curry – TA1300 – loma vista

4.flawless gretzky – aie aie aie

5.sa-roc – goddess gang – rhymesayers

6.young rj – detroit project – 

7.buck n nice – emag – busy inc. 

8.atmosphere – mi vida local – rhyme sayers

9. dem boys from da 6 – s/t – self
10..lil wayne – the carter v – cash money

Concert Review: The Wombats @ Théâtre Corona

It may seem rather typical that the first time I went to a concert was to see a band that I adored in middle school. What makes my experience different, I suppose, is that I attended my first concert at age 20, last weekend, as the Wombats took the stage at Theatre Corona.

The Wombats of my adolescence were really just one album: 2007’s A Guide to Love, Loss and Desperation. Their sound on this album is distinctly whimsical and pop-flavored, with a punky rhythm section backing up the singsong Scouse and guitar of Matthew Murphy. I think you will agree if you give this album a listen, which you should. At the same time though, the songs feature themes of anxiety, loneliness and dysfunctional romance, almost without exception. The song that stands out most immediately from this album is the Wombats’ best known single, “Let’s Dance to Joy Division”. This song is infectiously catchy, and embraces Murphy’s pouty British voice to the utmost. In my school days, this was my preferred anthem while my peers sung along to “I Gotta Feeling”, “Umbrella” or “Replay”, by the Black Eyed Peas, Rihanna and Iyaz respectively. Looking back however, I feel that some of the other songs on the album, especially those that slow down the pace from “Joy Division”, are their best work, particularly “Party in the Woods (Where’s Laura)”, “Patricia the Stripper” and “Here Comes the Anxiety”. In retrospect, the angst of the songs can get to be a bit whiny from time to time. Folks who prefer rap or metal exclusively may find it to be too light, but if you like pop music, this may be for you.

I had some concerns, attending a concert. I didn’t really like the idea of mindless, strobe-lit hordes pushing each other around, based on my unpleasant and infrequent visits to McGill frosh events and various nightclubs. I also don’t like it when music is super loud, just in general and especially recently because I have been having some problems with my ears, so the volume was certainly a worry. The other thing is that, I really like recorded music, with all its complexity and maximum of quality. I’ve never really seen the appeal of live music, my thought process being, “This can only be worse. It cannot be better than the versions they perfected in the studio”. Also, I had heard horror stories from all over about musicians taking the stage hours late, and of those who put on awful or insulting shows.

I was justified in being concerned about most of these things. The Wombats played super loud, which at first, I actually enjoyed. My ears were getting numb by the end of the setlist though. The crowd, although manifesting in large numbers within the excellent Corona venue, didn’t really bother me too much, it wasn’t that crazy

The Wombats were not worse in live performance than on their records, and they put on a fantastic show. It was certainly, however, a very different music than what I knew of them, and it was a pleasant surprise for me. They dove after each sunshine-pop melody with the intensity characteristic of arena rock and punk music, with the rhythm section pounding through with the volume it deserved. Murphy’s guitar parts were quite the highlight for me, as he wove high-pitched chords into alternate melodies between his singing. To be honest, the only songs I recognized were “Patricia the Stripper”, “Moving to New York” and “Let’s Dance to Joy Division”. Most of the songs were from their new release from February of this year, Beautiful People Will Ruin Your Life. Two of my favorites are “Cheetah Tongue” and the lead single “Lemon to a Knife Fight”.

My direction now is clear: start listening to The Wombats again, and continue to attend concerts.

~ Review by Will Anderson