Hi folks,

I’m back in the office after a nice trip out west to visit family — spent a lot of time kayaking, biking, and hanging at the beach. Managed to avoid the forest fires, thankfully, and only had a couple smoky days during my stay… feeling very lucky about that. Now I’m back in the office, struggling through jetlag and some weird internet sketchiness thanks to system upgrades at McGill. These updates are impacting our internet connections and also our phone lines, so if you try to reach me and don’t get through please try again later this week.

Charts below reflect the past couple weeks of programming here, and there’s only a top 30 because it’s hard to compile genre charts when all your databases are down due to the aforementioned internet issues. :(
Apologies! Things should be back to normal next week.

Hope you’re all having a great summer!


Sylvain Bouthilette, renowned visual artist and bass player for the legendary hardcore band Bliss, hosts If You Got Ears every Wednesday in August from noon till 2pm. As a break from our usual sound-art extravaganza during the Ears timeslot, we’re taking a left turn and venturing into the world of dub: drawing surprising lines between dub and minimalist composition, this residency will stretch your eardrums and minds into new & unexpected territory. Dub is spiritual, dub is cosmic, dub is political, dub is introspection, dub is action, dub is on the barricades and is a voice of resistance. From the Jamaican mothership, the British Stepper style and the international scene, Sylvain will be exploring all of its aspects and wants to bring you along for the ride. Dig it Wednesdays at noon, only on ckut.ca.

ckut top 30 – august 1, 2017

1. do make say think – stubborn persistent illusions – constellation CC
2. le fruit vert – paon perdu – three:four CC *
3. white hills – stop mute defeat – thrill jockey
4. not you – misty – fundog CC
5. jessica moss – pools of light – constellation CC *
6. she-devils – s/t – secretly canadian CC *
7. urochromes – night bully ep – wharf cat
8. sound of the mountain – amplified clarinet & trumpet – mystery and wonder CC *
9. anamai – what mountain – halocline trance CC
10. smileswithteeth – suddenly constantly – self-released CC *
11. united waters – the narrows – drawing room records
12. american lips – kiss the void – ancient fashion records CC *
13. raveen – always – self-released CC *
14. jaimie branch – fly or die – international anthem recording co.
15. fiver – audible songs from rockwood – idee fixe CC
16. japanese breakfast – soft sounds from another planet – dead oceans
17. an ant and an atom – exterior – … and an earth CC
18. crystal eyes – the female imagination – sweety pie records CC
19. ruben gonzalez – introducing… ruben gonzalez – world circuit
20. best fern – covers ep – self-released CC *
21. coca leaf – deep marble sunrise – wharf cat
22. guerilla toss – gt ultra – dfa
23. corridor – supermercado – michel records CC *
24. dreamstate vs. heiki – stone shore – paper + sound CC
25. golden retriever – rotations – thrill jockey
26. foonyap – apropos – self-released CC
27. slight – the hustle is a many splendored thing – second best records CC *
28. bill orcutt – s/t – palilalia records
29. holy data – s/t – self-released CC *
30. richard dawson – peasant – weird world recording company

CC indicates Canadian content
* indicates local content