RADIO PROM! (feat. Garage Sale)

Thursday, April 28th sounds like it’ll be a good day. The date has a nice ring to it. With warm weather, the end of finals, and summer break on the horizon, there’s only one thing that could make this day even more amazing…

CKUT’s radio prom/garage sale/spring bash extravaganza!


The Bigger Picture:

CKUT is throwing a party for all volunteers (past, present, and and future) on April 28th! It will be an amazing celebration, complete with a DJ, free food, a punchbowl, and a dance floor for all you party monsters. Wild times and chill vibes await (choose your own adventure)!

Because CKUT knows how to do it up, we’re taking this outside and partying under the sunset and stars in our backyard. The offices will also be open for roaming and mingling with the radio staff.

Oh, and prior to the party, there will be a garage sale with CDs, cassettes, DVDs, and a massive amount of vinyl. Sweet deal!

The Fine Details: 

1-5 pm — Garage Sale

5-8 pm — Party time!

The backyard is wheelchair accessible through the alley on Rue University (there will be signs!)
The CKUT offices are up 2 flights of stairs.

Wear what you like (no ball gowns required), and feel free to bring a friend, a date, or go solo!

See you there! No half-hearted ‘maybe’s– come on out!