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Concert Review: Ty Segall


The only piece of music from the the garage lo-fi rocker known as Ty Segall that I have become familiar with is his latest release from the new year entitled Emotional Mugger. I have dabbled in his 2014 release Manipulator and thoroughly enjoyed parts of the project that I had time to listen to. I watched his performance at the Seattle KEXP radio station on youtube just to get some sort of an idea of what I would be witnessing within the few days leading up to the concert. I’ve also been told by various people that have seen the outlandish artist live that he puts on quite the memorable performance. Going into the Rialto Theatre I had little expectations of what I should experience. I’m more than pleased to say that those who told me that it would be an unforgettable show were absolutely on the ball; it was one of the most insane performances I have experienced to date. Continue reading


Matt & Tim – If You Got Ears March 2016

tchotchkes_croppedThis March, Matt and Tim will be hosting CKUT’s artist-in-residence program If You Got ears. Matt and Tim are musical collaborators, working together in Montreal art punk band Ought (signed to noteworthy experimental label Constellation Records). Their adventures apart include Matt’s ambient project Welter & Associates and Tim’s emo/hardcore trio Mands. For now, they expect to host a relatively free-form show, drawing inspiration from experimental music found all over the world, hosting a few guests here and there, and playing plenty of local jams. Tune in each Wednesday from 12-2pm on CKUT 90.3 fm and online at CKUT.ca to open your mind and ears with Matt and Tim.