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IF YOU GOT EARS with NEUROMODULATION – January 20th 2016


This past Wednesday, Jan. 20th, the Montreal-based collective NEUROMODULATION continued their PROPAGATION residency at If You Got Ears.

The show opened with a dark and dance-worthy mix to set the tone, heavy beats and bittersweet synths flooding the speakers. Tracks from Person of Interest and J. Albert started things off. About 15 minutes in, a poignant dark synth-pop track by the band Body of Light swept in with feelings of longing, segueing into PROPAGATION’S opening dialogue. The composer/singer/poet Marie Davidson is introduced as the guest co-host.

A brief promo moment: PROPAGATION will be curating 2 events at La Vitrola on the 23rd and the 30th, catering to experimental, dark sounds and industrial with a dance music twist. 

Back to the music, with a mix featuring analog house from Pulpo aka Max Ravitz (“Patricia”) and Nik Dawson (“Bookworms”) collaborating on “Russian Torrent Versions”, as well as Pierrot Premier’s 1994 record “Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test”. Dreamfish, with their ambient techno album “Caviar” (1995),  played next. J. Albert from Exotic Dance records followed.

Marie Davidson came on air to play music from the 1998 film Blade (“Confusion” by New Order, Bloodbath Remix) and “Pantalon” by Kornel Kovacs. Amazing dance selections followed, including “Dancer” by Montreal’s Gino Soccio and Mike Murray’s “Dancing in the Dark” (Frank Knuckles mix).

Marie said that she was finishing her fourth album, which she describes as “existential techno.” She closed the show with Drew McDowall’s “Hypnotic Congress” off of his 2015 album “Collapse.”

Tune in next week from 12-2 to catch the next instalment!

written by Cyrenah Smith