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Hi folks,

Hope you’re all doing well + keeping warm today! It was a rad weekend ‘round these parts with a truly stellar edition of the CKUT-curated Art’s Birthday on Friday night, headlined by the excellent Avec le Soleil Sortant de sa Bouche. In proper birthday fashion I ate soooo much cake. I also got to hang with the cute lil dachshund (wanna see a photo? check last week’s charts!) and watch him frolic in the snow a whole bunch, so life pretty much rules. How was your weekend?


Do you like noise? Harsh sounds, dark, freaky, straight outta the depths of a mechanized hell? We sure do, and if you’re anything like us then this month’s edition of IF YOU GOT EARS will be a real treat. Every Wednesday in January from 12-2pm, the NEUROMODULATION crew brings you prime cuts of dark wave, industrial, experimental electronics and much more. Not familiar with these dudes? They’re a Montréal based collective that have been kicking it since 2014. With their PROPAGATION residency they bring dialogue, performance and other forms of curation directly to your radio or laptop. Don’t miss out.

ckut top 30 – january 19, 2016
1. no negative – the good never comes – psychic handshake CC *
2. peaches – rub – i u she
3. v/a – senegal 70 – analog africa
4. perils – s/t – desire path CC *
5. qasim naqvi – preamble – nna tapes Continue reading


Album Review: She-Devils – Self Titled EP

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Having a distinct sound is possibly the most important aspect of any musical project.  Falling into the monotony of guitar-punk bands across the internet can be avoided through the addition of more modern, electronic elements, however, this too can bring about issues in authenticity. It would be counterproductive to classify any sound not made directly by a human playing an instrument as inauthentic or cheap, but at the same time some balance must be achieved between the futuristic synthesizer/turntable sounds and the in-the-moment, human quality of music.  Another important aspect of a band’s individuality is its influences.  Contemporary bands oftentimes fall into the trap of borrowing from each other too much, which can lead to an overabundance of bands with the same set-up and sound. Montreal’s own She-Devils seem to have fixed this problem by combining a relatively predictable modern set-up with an unusual pallet of influence.  By fusing the modern, sample-based DJ sound with a vintage songwriting approach, the She-Devils have created a fresh, new sound that pushes forward into the realm of electronic music while also hearkening back to the psychedelic feel of the 1960s.

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