MTL Sessions Xtreme Take Over with Jilted X

blueseamonstersTis the season, and you know what that means. It’s time for some disgustingly fabulous face-melting content on The Montreal Sessions, and who better to bring that than Jilted X. Get ready for the Xtreme take over this month, featuring yr hosts/group members Esther Splett and Tiffany Paige. Jilted X are a femmecore performance art duo based right here in MTL, who “use a haunted harp, crackling synth vibrations, punishing drums beats, magical midi wands, textural samples and their own grotesque physicality as arsenal in performing a collection of lovesick songs about murder, misandry, being dumb as resistance, perpetual pubescence as resistance and resistance as resistance.” This month will feature some wicked tunes and manic laughter with guests such as Perverted Justice, Roadcake, WIVES, No Bro, Starchild Stela, Ghost Taco, Malokio, Douce Angoisse, and an interview with Courtney Love (!!!)

Check out their facebook page for some informative slash hilarious descriptions of how they formed/what they’re all about, and tune in today and every Tuesday from 3-5pm for the month of December to join the party~~~~