Album Review: Caveboy – Caveboy EP


Musical trio Caveboy, formerly known as Diamond Bones, have recently released their first EP. This self-titled work is the first release the band has made beyond a few singles. The three members, Michelle Bensimon (Lead Vocals, Guitar, Synth), Isabelle Banos (Synth, Bass, Backing Vocals) and Lana Cooney (Drums, Backing Vocals) grew up together and formed this band from their hometown of Montreal.

The album starts off very upbeat, almost dancey in tone, with especially strong base parts underlying them. Later songs take on a more haunting theme, produced though a slower pace and more heavily relying on percussion, seen especially in Love Song. The album shies away from being considered electronic music with its structured instrumentation and lyricism.

The band sites Fleetwood Mac, Beach House, Grizzly Bear, and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs as their  influences. Their musical style can also be compared to Passion Pit and Twenty-One Pilots in terms of their use of electronic beats and instrumentation. The balance Caveboy finds between a synthetic feel and a focus on lyricism creates a unique tone that marks this band as one to keep an eye on.


Recommended tracks: 1) Something Like Summer   2) Love Song   3) Home Is Where


Review by Courtney Paolicchi