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Hey folks,
Sorry these are coming in a day late! I got the cold that’s currently sweeping Montreal, and it knocked me out of commission yesterday. Cough and sniffles aside, I had a wicked time at CMJ last week — it was so great hanging with all you lovely radio peeps. Saw lots of familiar faces and met some amazing new people too. Y’all rule!

Lastly, our annual funding drive starts tomorrow (!) so I won’t be in the office much next week for tracking. I’m also not making any promises about charts — we have a ton of events going down next week, so if they don’t get compiled then just sit tight and wait for a big ol’ mega chart the following week.


Funding Drive is upon us! We’ve got tons of rad programming lined up to hustle some dollars while giving ears the royal treatment they’re used to from the ol’ CKUT. Perennial favourite Venus Radioke is back in full force, we’ve got a killer kickoff party going down Friday night, and we’ll be broadcasting live from a whole bunch of different spaces over the next week and a half. See the full list here, and take our personal inside tip to swing by Casa del Popolo for a free gig on Monday afternoon featuring Old Haunt, YlangYlang, and more — we’ll be hosting the music department’s show, New Shit, live on location from 3-5pm and it would be swell to see your pretty face there. Come hang out and share some good fundraising vibes with us!

ckut top 30 – october 20, 2015
1. jerusalem in my heart – if he dies, if if if if if if – constellation CC *
2. souljazz orchestra – resistance – do right! music CC
3. u.s. girls – half free – 4AD CC
4. l’appel du vide – mergin’ spaces – self-released CC *
5. ought – sun coming down – constellation CC * Continue reading

Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 11.44.50 AM

The Montreal Sessions with Yellow Noise: October 20th 2015

Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 11.44.50 AM

On Tuesday, October 20th, Sam Lu (SierraLima) and Mel Palapuz (DJ Mango Juiiice) from Yellow Noise Magazine hosted the third episode of their Montreal sessions residency. To find out more about Yellow Noise and their mission, you can check out their bio here.

This show included Japanese future funk, experimental tracks (featuring Chinese, Tagalog, Japanese, Korean), and an electronic performance by Yao Guai Cave followed by an acoustic set. Originally Yàocavé, (aka yay-o-kah-vay), Yao Guai Cave (yao-gooey-cave) is a Montréal based electro-experimental artist. For a taste, listen to his sweet February 2015 release Fanta-C Plus. 

After a fresh mix from SierraLima with plenty of dance, electronica, and hip hop tracks, DJ Mango Juiiice played a Japanese vaporwave set before welcoming Yàocavé into the studio.

While Yàocavé was his strictly electronic musician identity, Yao Guai Cave described his current music as a mix of everything– pop, house, techno, as well as music from short film he worked on that was accepted by MIX NYC (a queer film festival).

The set opened with a vast electronic soundscape of twinkling synths and distorted cosmic sounds before dropping into a sugary pop groove with bass, beats, and vocals. The electronic music was poignant; as different vocalists sang their individual stories Yao Guai Cave crafted worlds around them, using 8bit and kalimba-esque ornaments, chimes, bass synths, and percussive grooves. Before moving into his acoustic set, the hosts discussed vaporwave aesthetics and artists with Yao Guai Cave, as well as the effects of the internet on gender and ethnic identity. Finally, the show closed with an original, intimate song performed on acoustic guitar.

Tune into CKUT 90.3 FM next Tuesday from 3-5 pm for the final instalment in The Montreal Sessions hosted by Yellow Noise!

-Cyrenah Smith