If You Got Ears with Jen Reimer and Max Stein: October 14th 2015


Last Wednesday, Jen Reimer and Max Stein returned to If You Got Ears for a show focussing on the links between sound and architecture.

Last week’s guest, Dr. Gascia Ouzounian, a professor of musicology at Queen’s University Belfast and a graduate of violin performance and music technology at McGill University, first discussed an interesting genre of contemporary music called sleep music. Compositions that fall under this category are meant to be listened to as you are falling asleep, all the way until you wake up. When this music is performed, audiences are encouraged to wear comfortable clothing, bring blankets and pillows, etc. The music itself is generated by the brainwaves of “performers” who are attached to sensors as they sleep. The changes in their brainwaves create a drone that is continuously evolving, depending on their states of consciousness, and it is then projected as an 8 channel electroacoustic composition coupled with a visual projection similar to EEG signals. Listeners are essentially submersed into the “performer’s” dreams.

Ouzounian then discussed her research group, Recomposing the City. This group aims to bring together sound artists with build-environment professionals such as architects. Alongside architect Dr. Sarah Lappen, Ouzounian explores the question of collaboration between sound and architecture to create and understand new urban spaces.

Last week’s music featured artists who focus on architecture and urban spaces in their works. These works coupled soothing drones and choral passages with juxtaposed sounds of the city.

Tune in tomorrow from 12-2 pm for more from Jen and Max!

-Céleste Pagniello