The Montreal Sessions with Yellow Noise: October 13th 2015


avatars-000059049936-w3xhan-t500x500Yesterday marked the second appearance of Yellow Noise, hosts of The Montreal Sessions for this month, and they did not disappoint! For two hours, Melanie Palapuz (DJ Mango Juiiice) and Sam Lu (SierraLima) hosted musical artists Show-Tah and Janice Ngiam, mixed their own sets, and talked about concerts and performance art hosted by Yellow Noise that are happening all over Montreal. For those still wondering, Yellow Noise is a Canadian organization aiming to bring Asian artists in the West into the spotlight, focusing on reshaping artistic and political expression and championing diversity among the Asian community. 

DJ Mango Juiiice kicked off the program with a fluid mix of dance, electronica, atmospheric, and hip hop tracks. SierraLima followed by an improvisational mixing of C-pop, J-pop, and K-pop with Internet dance tracks, truly an integration of classic Asian music with today’s contemporary beats. However, the real focus was placed on the two guests, who both performed live in the CKUT studio.

Show-Tah featured first, producing atmospheric, intricate, and completely improvised solo work using an electric kalimba and a melodica-esque instrument, amplifying them with effects pedals. Originally from Japan, he has been in Montreal for a little under two years and really kicked off his solo career after moving to Canada three years ago. He cited his influences as being mostly Japanese psych-rock, alt rock, and improv music. His music can be found on Soundcloud and Bandcamp, and he’ll be giving performances throughout the city in the coming months.

Janice Ngiam played a short, introspective set, making excellent use of a loop pedal to layer her soft voice and acoustic electric guitar. She says she used to sing more “happy pop” but now sticks to introspective, detailed lyrics, drawing from life experience. She is from Hong Kong, though she emphasized that her parents were not “culturally from Hong Kong.” While not publicly on social media currently (she’s still trying to finalize her band name!) look for her in the near future performing around town.

Looking forward to hearing more from these great monthly hosts as the month progresses! Make sure to listen in Tuesdays from 3-5pm for the month of October to hear some great Asian artists in the community. You can find the full track listing for the 10/13/15 show on Yellow Noise’s website, or mixcloud.