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CKUT Music Department’s Pop Picks


Feeling overwhelmed by the choices at this year’s Pop Montreal festival? It’s totally understandable, and you’re definitely not the only one. But fear not — CKUT music programmer Mike B. has mapped out a plan to guide you through the highlights of this year’s programming. Here’s the lowdown on the essential shows of Pop 2015:

Cheap Wig is set to go on at 12:30am at Brasserie Beaubien. They’re a mega cool queer glam punk act with rad cassette art and wonderfully noisey sounds.

The Letouts + Caymans + Towanda + JLK + In Hock at Brasserie Beaubien
Local punk superstars, Towanda, go on at 10:30. And if you haven’t seen the sludgey, all girl trio live yet, you need to.

The Orb + Mateo Murphy + Vosper at SAT
The Orb goes on at midnight. The Orb as in the ambient house duo that’s been kicking since 1988. They released Moonbuilding 2703 AD in June, so they’ll probably be mostly playing things from that, but just in case they play their more classic pieces you should probably study their last 12 studio albums so you can have all of your choreography prepared.

Hag Face + Brazilian Money + Babysitter + No.Negative
Calgary’s Hag Face plays at midnight. Obviously you should try to see as many female punk bands this weekend as possible, but if you can only see one then make it Hag Face.

Heathers + Psychic Lie + Sigh Down One + Jilted X + Loosestrife at Brasserie Beaubien
Riot Grrrl-inspired Heathers goes on at 12:30 with their brand of “femme punk” and “sequin grunge.” They should definitely be loud enough for you to remember the ecstasy of ringing ears and sweaty bliss until Pop comes back next year.

– M. Baek


The Montreal Sessions With Pop Montreal: September 15th 2015


Pop Montreal, who are in charge of programming The Montreal Sessions this month,  featured performances by Year Of Glad and NOKO and an interview with MagicPerm on their episode yesterday. If you missed it, you can catch the madness on our archives.

The idea behind The Montreal Sessions is to give the community access to the air waves, and every month a different entity provides programming on Tuesdays from 3-5pm. Stay tuned for next weeks session, brought to you again by Pop Montreal!


The Kitchen Bang Bang Law: Tuesday 15th 2015


This week we had a very special episode of The Kitchen Bang Bang Law, as the esteemed Constellation Records cellist/vocalist/composer Rebecca Foon joined us in our studios for a live performance and interview. Rebecca’s sound explores the intersection of drone, no-wave, improv, dream-pop and minimalism. An eclectic mix definitely, and yet she managed to bring it all to the table for the show. To learn more about her music and life, you can read her bio on her website.

You can also check out her live performance on our archives~~




Hey friends,
Holy smokes, the busy season is upon us here in Montreal… I am still reeling a bit from a great show on the weekend in which one of my projects got to open for the amazing local trio Big|Brave — seriously, you should check out their new LP on Southern Lord cuz it’s a real gem. And see them if they play your town, too!

And speaking of shows, Pop Montreal starts tomorrow (!!!). Maybe you’ll be in our fine city for the festivities? If so, check out some of our CKUT presentations (including the highly-anticipated Ought album release and Pathways to Paris ft. Thurston Moore) or swing by ye olde Brasserie Beaubien where I will be venue managing for the whole fest. I’ll also be repping CKUT on  a panel about collectives & co-ops as part of the Pop Symposium. All that said, please be patient with me if I’m slow on tracking or other email follow-up this week as my hours are kinda zany this week…


ckut top 30 – september 15, 2015
1. babysitter – s/t – psychic handshake CC *
2. drainolith – hysteria – nna tapes CC *
3. old haunt – refuge – self-released CC *
4. the pink noise – decay – not unlike CC *
5. katie moore – fooled by the fun – club roll CC * Continue reading

CKUT Garage Sale and Workshop – September 12, 2015

In collaboration with Rez Life’s REZ FEST II, CKUT will be having a garage sale and workshop on Saturday, September 12. Come by the station between 1 pm and 4 pm to enrich your life with some fine CDs, vinyl, zines, and swag. At the same time, you’ll be enriching the McGill, Montreal, Quebecois, Canadian, and global (let’s not understate the impact) communities, as all proceeds keep CKUT going strong. There will also be a workshop to introduce you to Montreal’s fantastic music scene, held on top of CKUT’s roof (weather permitting, of course), complete with snacks. The workshop runs from 2 pm to 3 pm, and has a limit of 25 participants decided on a first-come-first-served basis, so you’d best get there early. QPIRG will be there too, with some fresh-off-the-press School Schmool planners.

Here are all of the juicy details:

When: Saturday, September 12, 2015

  • Garage Sale: 1 pm – 4 pm
  • Workshop – Introduction to Montreal’s Music Scene: 2 pm – 3 pm


  • 3647 rue University, CKUT 90.3 FM

You can find out more and ask questions on the Facebook event page.


New Shit with Tina Hanae + Sam Lu – September 7th 2015


This weeks New Shit was definitely one to document. One of our gradually more frequent hosts, Pablo Duran, was in our studios this Monday to deliver some of his favourite new tunes. From electronic to rock to hip-hop, there was something in there for everyone. Half way through the episode Pablo surprised us with two special guests, Tina Hanae and Sam Lu, who collaborated in a stunning live performance. If you’re not familiar with Tina’s music, now is the time my friend. Her talented singing and Sam’s spot-on accompanying electronic drum set is not to be missed, and luckily you can listen to it on our archives.

Don’t forget to tune in next week to hear our music coordinator, Joni, bring ya some more magic~~




Hi friends,
Hope you all had a good long weekend and managed to take a proper day off yesterday — I enjoyed my first holiday Monday in ages (it’s real hard to stay away from this place since we coordinate live programming 24/7) and it felt great. I BBQ-ed and baked a peach cobbler and read in the sun — you know, nice late-summer things. How was your labour day?

Also, we survived frosh week! Whewwwww.

ckut top 30 – september 8, 2015
1. drainolith – hysteria – nna tapes CC *
2. georgia – s/t – domino
3. frog eyes – pickpocket’s locket – paper bag CC
4. ramzi – houti kush – 1080p CC
5. helen – the original faces – cranky Continue reading


The Montreal Sessions with Pop Montreal: September 8th 2015


Pop Montreal is back for their second week here at CKUT on The Montreal Sessions! If you were lucky enough to hear last weeks episode, you would have caught this little gem taking place in our studios. Aside from talented kids singing R. Kelly and spontaneous songs about pooping from Commander Clark, Pop Montreal’s Daniel Seligman brought us an episode with great tunes and informative talks about this years festival. If you liked what you heard, make sure to tune in today from 3-5pm to catch more folks from Pop MTL and a live performance from Heartstreets, who are a local electronic/hip-hop/R&B duo.

You can read more about Pop Montreal on their website, and catch all episodes (if you happen to accidentally miss them) on our archives~~


Album Review: Drainolith – Hysteria


The dark, droning, quirky massacre that is Drainolith’s “Hysteria” has obtained a certain aesthetic that can only possibly be described as Montreal underground. The combination of Alexander Moskos’ wild array of unique talents has produced a genre-smashing ensemble sound culminating in an album that is simply marvelous across the board and especially perfect for the CKUT scene. Continue reading