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If You Got Ears with Kohlenstoff: July 22nd 2015

Hazy-Montagne-Mystique-Bleu-quand-je-ferme-les-yeux_zpsxhqporffThis month at CKUT we are lucky enough to have Kohlenstoff, a talented collective who happen to be pros in experimental electronic/electroacoustic music, hosting If You Got Ears. Today’s episode featured Kohlenstoff representative, Dominic Thibault, as our host and a wicked live performance and interview with Hazy Montagne Mystique. If you missed today’s session, you can always grab the audio file from out archives and take a listen!

If you like what you hear (and you will), tune yourself in next week for the last episode of Kohlenstoff’s residency for this month! Don’t miss it ~~


Album Review: Jaga Jazzist – Starfire


One of the most important concepts in modern music is fusion. Each style of music can only be advanced so far, but when you start borrowing from other genres the possibilities are much more endless. This mentality is the inspiration behind the album Starfire by Jaga Jazzist. This album is a true fusion album as it uses the conventions of both electronic dance music and modern jazz to create a very new and unique sound. On the electronic side of things, the album really fits into each of the typical conventions. Just on the surface the album sounds like electronics. The group uses many different synthesized electronic and digital sounds to create repetitive melodies that build in energy leading into each other. It’s not so much distinctive bass drops as it is smooth transitions from section to section, but the effect is essentially the same; energy is being manipulated in different ways. Also, whenever the music stays in 4/4 for extended periods of time it drives like a piece that would be used for dancing (hence the term electronic DANCE music). When the piece shifts into a more typically modern jazz time signatures the feel changes quite a bit, but it is very interesting to these contrasting ideas of meter used harmoniously. Continue reading




Hey friends,
Keeping this short as things are super busy ‘round the station today — the music dept crew is about to dash out to set up up a remote broadcast from the Montreal headquarters of Rock Camp for Girls (!!!). Read on below for more info…

We’re super thrilled to be partnering up with Saturn Returns, our curator for July’s edition of The Montreal Sessions, to go live from Rock Camp for Girls this afternoon from 3-5pm. Rock camp is all about breaking down gendered barriers in music and encouraging girls to empower themselves by taking the stage and rocking out. Rad, huh? We’ll be interviewing the RCFG organizers, volunteers, and maybe even a few of the campers during this special live broadcast. Tune into CKUT from 3-5pm EST this afternoon and catch it for yourself!

ckut top 30 – july 21, 2015
1. v/a – ne pas plier – howl! arts collective CC *
2. narcy – world war free now – the medium CC *
3. fountain – fountain II – self-released CC
4. braids – deep in the iris – flemish eye CC *
5. lapalux – lustmore – brainfeeder Continue reading