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Ice Daggers

Album Review: CMD – Ice Daggers EP

Ice Daggers

With Ice Daggers EP, I’d like you to take yourself back a few months to the death-freeze of February in Montreal. If you’re elsewhere, imagine it’s really cold.

But you’ve just gotten inside, maybe you’re at home, or maybe you’re at the function. Wherever you are, the most crucial thing is (I’m writing a review here!): CMD’s Ice Daggers EP is playing.  Continue reading


Suoni per il Popolo

Hey music lovers,


The fifteenth edition of Suoni per il Popolo officially started yesterday, June 4th and runs until Monday, June 22nd. Want to participate but unsure of what to see? We’ve put together a little digital mixtape of Suoni artists – a sort of amuse bouche for the many great shows coming up In Montreal in the next few weeks.

playlist & ticket info:

1. Ice Cream – Fired Up
2. Un Blonde – The Same For You
w/Crosss & DJ Honest Lake @ Casa del Popolo, June 5th
3. Heathers – Cicada
4. Loosestrife – Popcorn
w/Doilies @ La Vitrola, June 7th
5. Dead Wife – TXT me
6. Cave Girl – Time
w/Ursula & Gashrat @ La Vitrola, June 10th
7. Sheer Mag – Button Up
8. The Jeanies – Believe Me Jenny
w/Hand Cream @ La Vitrola, June 14th
9. Marissa Nadler – Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings
w/Sea Oleena @ La Vitrola, June 17th
10. Markus Floats – Midland
w/Total Life & The Past @ Casa del Popolo, June 18th
11. Tashi Dorji – Murmur
w/Last Ex & Hiss Tracts @ La Sala Rossa, June 19th
12. Ylang Ylang – De vent et de futur
w/Babel, Le syndicat du cauchemar jaune, JLK, Cosi e Cosi, Telephone Maison & Klondyke @ Casa del Popolo, June 20th

For more Suoni info, interviews & live performances check out upcoming and recent editions of Underground Sounds, Rebel Beat and The Montreal Sessions in the CKUT archives.