Daily Archives: February 2, 2015

Smileswithteeth brings dreamy vibes to New Shit

smileswithteeth everyday always

The winter wind can give us all the chills from time to time, especially on a day as cold as today. But don’t freeze over just yet… today’s episode of New Shit might just have the cure for your winter blues. Made up of mellow vibes, a dreamy synth, and rhythmic beats, Smileswithteeth has some smooth sounds to sooth your soul whether you’re out bearing the cold or cozied up by the radiator.

Today we’re ecstatic to welcome this Montreal-based artist into the studio to give us all some insight into the life and times of an up and coming local artist. With their latest album Everday Always leaving us with true feel-good vibes, we’re curious to see what inspires Smileswithteeth along the creation process of these beautiful melodies. Also, with a show coming up tonight at Casa Del Popolo, we’re happy to be sharing an exciting day with this blooming creator!

Tune in, feel good, & enjoy!