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Blonde Elvis + FET.NAT // Underground Sounds

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Is winter over already? It was tropically warm today! OK — here’s what’s up on the show…

Tonight on Underground Sounds, your host Nick Schofield keeps the 8 to 10 slot super local with previews of upcoming shows and albums launches from the 514 and 438. What else? Oh ya, just a coupla’ interviews with some visiting bands, Blonde Elvis from Toronto is up at 8:30pm and FET.NAT from Hull is on at 9pm. Have you heard of the Smokes trio

That’s it, but why not check us out on Facebook, Twitter and/or Tumblr (where a goldmine of interviews, performances and mixtapes reside)? Ya, you should check it out.

In Hock & Einar Jullum Live on New Shit

We’ve got a very special episode of New Shit in store today as local musicians In Hock and Einar Jullum join us in the studio for a chat and a few live tunes. Both songwriters have been floating around the Montreal scene for some time, doing everything from performing solo to engineering sound at countless live shows. Tune in at 3pm to catch up with these multitalented folks and get the lowdown on their upcoming Ontario tour. Plus, they’ll both be gracing the airwaves with in-studio performances. Your Monday just got way better — trust us.