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Hi friends,

Whew, we survived another funding drive ‘round here at CKUT and we wanna say a big thank-you to everyone who showed us love over the past week and a half — we’re just on the verge of breaking $40,000 and the pledges keep rolling in. High-fives to all of our volunteers, donors, and listeners who keep this station so amazingly kickass and DIY. CKUT loves you!

The photo above is from the stunning Isabel Bader Centre in Kingston, right on the edge of Lake Ontario, where I saw an amazing show two weekends ago as part of the Tone Deaf festival. It’s a great series that happens every year and is highly worthy of your ears if you are into any kind of adventurous sound… Thanks to all the CFRC folks who made my partner and I feel so welcome in Kingston and worked hard to make the festival such a big  success.

Til next week,

ckut top 30 – november 4, 2014
anjou – s/t – kranky
mecca normal – empathy for the evil – m’lady’s CC
kyle bobby dunn – kyle bobby dunn and the infinite sadness – students of decay CC
kaie kellough – creole continuum – howl! arts CC
fire moss – mars//moon//earth – self-released CC Continue reading

moss lime

Album Review: Moss Lime – July First

moss lime

By: Michelle Shi

Moss Lime is a local Montreal band composed of Charlotte Bonamour on guitar, Helene Barbier on bass, and Caitlin Pinder-Doede on drums. The three-piece band sings through one shared microphone when they record, contributing to their overall natural and minimalistic vocal sound.  The band was very recently formed on July 1st 2014; hence their first album name entitled “July First.”  Although none of them have ever been in a band before, they were able to write their first 4 songs and record a cover for their first album. “July First” was released on November 4th, 2014 by Fixture Records. The album features four original songs (July First, Ice Cream Sandwiches, Fish n Chips and Sac-a-Douche), and a cover of the popular hit “Calabria.”

The album features quirky lyrics interwoven with the distinct textures of bass, guitar, and drums.  The simple combination of instruments with minimalistic vocals creates a sense of naturalness and simplicity.  Track number 4, “Fish n Chips” is the only song on the album that omits vocals. It provides an experimental and refreshing instrumental interlude to the album.  The track demonstrates the use of dissonance to create heightened emotions and an interesting overall sound.  “Calabria 2014,” their cover song, is exactly what its name implies. It provides a unique new take on an overplayed club song.  Moss Lime uses their grungy post-punk vibes to spruce up an intrinsically club-pop/house song.  If you enjoy girl punk music from the 70s and 80s, you will definitely enjoy Moss Lime’s new album “July First.”  You will appreciate the band’s simplicity and originality that is evident through each of their tracks.  Overall, the album is a 7.5/10.  “July First” was a great first album for Moss Lime and we are all excited to hear what comes next!

skin tone

Skin Tone hosts The Montreal Sessions :: Nov 4

skin tone

Hey radio peoples – meet James Goddard, aka Skin Tone. James will be hosting The Montreal Sessions on CKUT for the month of November, an exciting prospect for the station and listeners alike. Tune in Tuesday afternoons, 3-5pm, for music of all kinds from non-white persuasions.

Kicking off the first show with gusto, James will be interviewing Markus Floats, local musician and Electroacoustics alumni, plus we’ll be treated to an in-studio performance.