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r u real

Album Review: R U Real

r u real

By Sonya Peres

      The self-titled album from R U REAL, an experimental trio hailing from our beloved Montreal, begins with “Mom & Dad (I love myself)”. The 3:00 minute track carefully sets the mood for the entire album, with an eerie, yet surprisingly comfortable underlying sentiment. This music seems to straddle the line between pure lucidity and absolute confusion.

R U REAL consists of artists JLK, Ylang Ylang and Sarah Haag – all of whom are also involved in other projects. Their album, released in August, consists of 8 tracks layered with drums, synths, doom, gloom and feelings you didn’t even know existed. “Nemesis” (feat. Cosí e Cosí), uses a mixture of sounds and distorted voices that come together so perfectly it’s like diving head first into a somewhat terrifying, robotic themed dream, and you don’t want to leave. In fact, the entire album is like a dream in retrospect: you imagine the sounds and it doesn’t seem like something that would work in full consciousness, but somehow it does. The sounds of R U REAL seem to ride effortlessly on a wave of subconsciousness. I suppose R U REAL is aptly named; are they real? Is any of this real?

legato vipers

Album Review: Legato Vipers ‘LV’

legato vipers

By Natalie Abemayor

The Legato Vipers’ debut album, LV, features 12 tracks of instrumental 60s beach rock. Hailing from Guelph, Ontario, Legato Vipers are comprised of Jordan Howard and Mike Brooks on guitar, Jay Anderson on drums, Tyler Belluz on bass, LV also features organ music by Thomas “Penus Fingus” Hammerton. The album is made up of original songs, and was co-released by Physchic Handshake Recordings and Missed Connection Records.

From the first track, “Spy vs. Spy”, Legato Vipers bring you back to summer days spent lounging on the beach. There isn’t a dull moment in this album—every song has something unique to offer, and the harmonies the two guitars are able to achieve, along with the steady and up-tempo drumming ensure that you have no chance of getting bored listening to LV. The stand out tracks are “Mama Fury”, “Chocolate Milk”, “Sweet 16″, and “Bernie (Ernie McInerny)”. They even salute “(Don’t Fear) The Reaper” by Blue Oyster Cult on their track “Don’t Fear the Cab Driver Mister Reaper”. This album is a solid 7/10, and I can’t wait to hear what the Legato Vipers come up with next.


Concert Review: Busty and the Bass at Corona Theatre

by: Michelle Shi

McGill’s very own nine-piece electrofunk band, Busty and the Bass won the Rock Your Campus contest by CBC and TD. The top bands were determined by public voting and from that, the winner was chosen by a panel of celebrity judges. Busty and the Bass received a $10 000 cash prize, a concert performance for McGill Universty students, and the opportunity for a one-year contract to join a YouTube multi-channel network for management. In addition, Busty’s big win made McGill students and the city of Montreal extremely proud! Also shout-out to Maja and Devona for some of the pictures below!


Members of the band include: Scott Bevins and Mike McCann on trumpet; Chris Vincent on trombone; Nick Ferraro on alto saxophone and vocals; Lous Stein on guitar; Milo Johnson on bass; Julian Trivers on drums; Eric Haynes on piano and keyboard; Evan Crofton on keyboard, synths, and vocals. The members met at McGill University and have since developed into a tight funk/soul band playing original songs and innovative covers. Their newest music video “Tryna Find Myself” even features Suzanne Fortier, Principal and Vice-Chancellor of McGill University.

On Monday November 24th, Busty and the Bass had the unique opportunity to open for Arkells at Corona Theatre. This was a FREE concert for all McGill students, thanks to the “Rock Your Campus” contest. Weeks earlier, a secret location was announced half an hour before the tickets were being given away. Hundreds of students lined up from McTavish gates to Leacock building just to grab a free Busty ticket. The line up was long, but it was well worth the wait!  Continue reading

Martin Rodriguez hosts If You Got Ears_Nov 26

For November’s final instalment of If You Got Ears, your host Martin Rodriguez is gonna’ school us on sampling. Diving off the deep end into the pool of influential sonic innovators, we’ll hear about crazy connections between pioneers like Raymond Scott, J Dilla and Sun Ra.

Also on the program is Concordia Electroacoustics alumn Peter van Haaften, who doubles as a sound artist and political scientist. Check out some of his otherworldly electronics below… 

faro edited


faro edited

Hi friends,

Had a pretty good week including hangs with pals from KSSU/CJLO/CMJ, catching Wrekmeister Harmonies live w/ members of Godspeed You! Black Emperor, and a station visit from one of the best dogs ever — he’s a bit notorious for being a dopey guy, but I still successfully taught him to shake a paw. Check it out!

Grouper tops the charts by a long shot this week, probably reflective of all the grey weather we’ve been having lately in Montreal…


ckut top 30 – november 25, 2014
grouper – ruins – kranky
saxsyndrum – sxd_ep – art not love CC
loscil – sea island – kranky CC
v/a – sounds from the workshop: live sessions from cjsw 90.9 fm – self-released CC
fire moss – mars//moon//earth – self-released CC Continue reading

Skin Tone hosts The Montreal Sessions :: Nov 25

James Goddard wraps up a wicked radio residency today, having hosted The Montreal Sessions like a champ all November long.

In his final episode, we’ll hear interviews and performances from local pop, experimental and folk artists like April from Hooded Fang, Kaie Kellough, and Lucas Huang from Old Haunt. This, plus musical selections from non-white persuasions.

Tune in today, 3-5pm at 90.3 FM ~

underground sounds logo

Blonde Elvis + FET.NAT // Underground Sounds

underground sounds logo

Is winter over already? It was tropically warm today! OK — here’s what’s up on the show…

Tonight on Underground Sounds, your host Nick Schofield keeps the 8 to 10 slot super local with previews of upcoming shows and albums launches from the 514 and 438. What else? Oh ya, just a coupla’ interviews with some visiting bands, Blonde Elvis from Toronto is up at 8:30pm and FET.NAT from Hull is on at 9pm. Have you heard of the Smokes trio

That’s it, but why not check us out on Facebook, Twitter and/or Tumblr (where a goldmine of interviews, performances and mixtapes reside)? Ya, you should check it out.

In Hock & Einar Jullum Live on New Shit

We’ve got a very special episode of New Shit in store today as local musicians In Hock and Einar Jullum join us in the studio for a chat and a few live tunes. Both songwriters have been floating around the Montreal scene for some time, doing everything from performing solo to engineering sound at countless live shows. Tune in at 3pm to catch up with these multitalented folks and get the lowdown on their upcoming Ontario tour. Plus, they’ll both be gracing the airwaves with in-studio performances. Your Monday just got way better — trust us.


Upcoming Shows This Weekend


operatorsThe Operators + Seoul + Moon King + CTZNSHP (M pour Montreal) @ La Sala Rossa       (Doors: 7:00pm; $13)

m4mtlSaxsyndrum + A L L I E + Holy Family (M pour Montreal) @ Casa Del Popolo (Doors: 8:30pm)

mundialGypsy Kumbia Orchestra & Lemon Bucket Orchestra (Mundial Montreal) @ Club Soda  (Doors: 8:00pm; $20-$30)


elephantstoneElephant Stone + Teenager Heat + Each Other + UUBUURRUU (M pour Montreal) @ La Vitrola (Doors: 8:00pm)

thee oh sees2Thee Oh Sees + Jack Name + The Blind Shake @ Le National (Doors: 7;00pm; $20)

lovely featherCountry + How Sad + The Lovely Feather + James Irwin + Eternal Husbands + Receivers + Michael Feuerstack + Slight (M pour Montreal) @ La Sala Rossa (Doors: 6:30pm)


greatdealofnoiseGreat Deal Of Noise + The Scroll + La Mecanique @ La Vitrola (Doors: 8:30pm; $10)

within the ruins posterWithin The Ruins + Texas In July + Dead Elegance + Rise of Elis + Sever The Voices @ Bar le “RITZ” P.D.B. (7:00pm; $20)


Concert Review: Bahamas @ Metropolis


Though the Barr Brothers were headlining at Metropolis, what brought me into this archetypical venue on November 6th was their opening act: Bahamas. Stage name for Toronto-born musician Afie Jurvanen, Bahamas in flesh is a slick no-bullshit mature indie folk/blues act with a very competent backing band.

Bahamas’ set focused on their latest album, Bahamas is Afie, with interspersed tracks from the 2012 Barchords LP. “Never Again” kicked off the night with a sensual and slow-building lo-fi feel and progressed into more breezy, symphonic and slightly melancholic beach day vibes with “Caught Me Thinkin” and “Can’t Take You With Me” from both albums. In the second half of the set, the band dropped coveted “Lost In The Light” track from Barchords. They were simply there to have a good time and have the audience hang loose with them.

To close perfectly their performance, the band finished off with “All The Time,” hit track from Bahamas is Afie. Dissonant riffs on a 1950s guitar and playful falsetto harmonies — a Bahamas trademark — got the crowd all riled up and groovin’ until the end.

In all honesty, it was one of the most legit indie pop acts I’ve seen; it didn’t make you question the experience beyond it being a feel-good concert meant for pure enjoyment. Jurvanen’s persona facilitates such an experience, with all the fantastic attributes of a fun kitschy Dad that is too lovable to come off as ostentatious or oppressively hip.

– Review and photo by Jess Newfield