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weird canada - if u got ears

Weird Canada hosts IF YOU GOT EARS_October 29

weird canada - if u got ears

It’s the FUNDING DRIVE episode today on IF YOU GOT EARS today ~ tune in for our special programming, new tunes and interviews!

The focus of the episode is the ‘How To’ section of Weird Canada’s prolific website. This is a highly inclusive and instructive way to share skills, experience and knowledge for how to do all sorts of musical things in Canada. Some of the popular topics include ‘How To Make A Zine’, ‘How To Play In Multiple Bands’ and ‘How To Put On A Show’ ~ super useful, huh?

Also on the show are editors Emily McQuarrie and Penny Clark, plus WC co-founders Aaron Levin and Marie Leblanc Flanagan.

Tune in noon to 2pm and pledge to If You Got Ears online at CKUT.ca ~ every bucks counts!