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CKUT’s annual Funding Drive is back and we’re going the extra mile to raise $50, 000 this year by offering sweet prizes and on-air ear candy.

Why pledge? Because CKUT is people-powered, free form radio with no corporate funding, meaning we don’t conform to commercial interests. Also, we’re here for the communities of Montreal, supporting social equality by offering a voice to marginalised groups.

Lastly, progress comes from experimentation. CKUT is a place to learn, test new ideas and let your imagination run wild.

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pond 1

Concert Review: Pond at Petit Campus, October 20/14

A less frequent crowd of hippies and hipsters flocked to Café Campus this Monday to see the Australian band, Pond. Taking place in the showroom ‘Petit Campus’, the venue took a break from its usual wild vibes to host the psychedelic group. The room was perfect for the show – allowing for the intimacy attainable in smaller venues, but leaving the audience with enough elbow room to dance their hearts out (or enthusiastically sway and head-bop as seemed to be more common).

pond 1

Which genre of music Pond falls under has been disputed since the group formed in 2008. With already 5 albums released, and a sixth due in January 2015, their sound ranges from rock n roll to bubblegum pop to groovy funk, all with distorted psychedelic effects thanks to their beloved old-school equipment. The band shares two members, Cam Avery (guitar) and Jay Watson (drums) with popular band Tame Impala, and until recently also Pond lead singer Nick Allbrook, who left Tame Impala in 2013 to pursue other projects. However, Tame Impala’s French drummer Julien Barbagallo replaced Avery for Pond’s Montreal show.

pond 2

Although the band has a decent amount of mellow tunes, Pond chose to play live a high energy, fast paced set, providing the audience with music they can dance to. Pond played a mix from their many albums, indulging in some fan favorites dating as far back to their first albums Frond and Psychedelic Mango, as well as some new stuff to be expected on their upcoming album Man, It Feels like Space Again.

The group also connected with the audience with some banter between songs. As if their Australian accents weren’t enough to please the crowd, singer Nick Allbrook dabbled in some French comments. From their constant joking and wild dancing, it was obvious that the band members were enjoying themselves onstage.

pond 3

After the show, the members of Pond hung around the merch table, giving fans a chance to chat and get autographs. Drummer Jay Watson even revealed his party trick to me: asking Barbagallo how to say, “where is the water or gold?” in French, torturing him pronounce an excessive amount of oh’s (as it translates to, “où est l’eau ou l’or?”). Pond excelled most at being completely down to earth, both on and off stage, bringing a genuinely enthusiastic energy to Petit Campus this Monday night.

Review and photos by Celia Robinovitch