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Top 10 Reasons to Donate to CKUT’s Funding Drive

We’ve only got a couple of days left in our annual funding drive here at CKUT, and we still need some help reaching our goal. “Why donate to CKUT?” you may ask yourself. Well, here are ten solid reasons why you should consider supporting the station if you can:

1. We loooove local music, and we do a ton to support artists here in Montreal including organizing festival showcases, in-studio sessions, helping with album mailouts, and much more.

2. We’re proud to offer a non-hierarchical, accessible environment where McGill students and community members can learn how to make radio from the ground up — no experience required.

3. We provide in-depth grassroots news coverage from Montreal and beyond.

4. We broadcast live, freeform, corporate-free programming 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. There is always another human from our community on the other end of the microphone.

5. All of our programming is done by volunteers; nobody pays or is paid to be on CKUT. We’re driven by passion, not by dollars.

6. We are Montreal’s oldest and largest Anglophone campus/community station. We’ve been broadcasting strong on the FM dial since 1987, and in an environment of increasing media conglomeration this kind of independent legacy is worth celebrating.

7. We have a strong history of promoting Montreal’s burgeoning music scene in all its genres. We’re proud to help local artists gain momentum and reach new ears, and we’re always looking for ways to share the amazing music coming out of our community. We’ve even got a couple of shows dedicated specifically to local music, including the Montreal Sessions and Underground Sounds.

8. We partner with Suoni Per Il Popolo, Mutek, Pop Montreal, L’off Jazz, Reggae Fest, Jazz Fest, Howl!, and many other terrific festivals throughout the year. This lets us plug local artists and initiatives through our broadcast, as well as providing kickass content for listeners hungry for new sounds.

9. We operate on a shoestring budget with plenty of DIY ideas to help stretch our limited funds as far as possible. Every donation helps, no matter how big or small!

10. PRIZES. Duh.

What are you waiting for? Make a pledge online and help us stay on the air for another year. We can’t do it without you!


Shows this weekend


HowlOdaya + Regards sur le 7eme feu (Howl) @ La Sala Rossa (Doors: 8:00pm, $10)

urockakoeUrockaoke – Live Band Karaoke @ Casa Del Popolo (Doors: 9:00pm)


firstFirst You Get The Sugar + Frisky Kids @ La Vitrola (Doors: 8:30pm)

smiffsThe Smiffs (Cult MTL Halloween Party) @ La Sala Rossa (Doors: 10:00pm)

wallapDJs Walla P + Dr Mad @ Le Bleury – Bar a Vinyle (9:00pm, $7)


drytheriverDry The River + Nathaniel Rateliff + Greg LaRaigne @ La Sala Rossa (Doors: 8:00pm)

accordingtopleasureAccording To Pleasure @ Casa Del Popolo (Doors: 8:30pm)

dougDoug Paisley + Sean Rowe @ La Vitrola (Doors: 8:30pm, $8)

Concert Review: Le Révélateur @ Festival Phénomena

Last Wednesday and Thursday, La Vitrola hosted two collaborative audio-visual performances from Montréal artists: electronic sound artist Roger Tellier-Craig aka “Le Révélateur” and visual artist Sabrina Ratté. The two performances were part of the third edition of Festival Phénomena. The festival showcases a variety of art forms, spanning experimental music, theatre, and dance. On each night, Ratté and Tellier-Craig took audience members through two unique audio-visual experiences. The first was visually driven, while the second evening was more music-oriented.

Wednesday’s show introduced audience members to the psychedelic, yet post-human sensibilities of Ratté’s work. She was accompanied by the hypnotic sounds of Tellier-Craig. Ratté’s processes are fascinating – they evoke association with early cathode-ray tube screens, VHS tapes, and 1970s sci-fi films, such as George Lucas’, “THX 1138″. As the performance progressed, Ratté’s bizarre three-dimensional images blurred and melted into one another, interrupted by intentional screen malfunction effects and strange pixelation behaviours.

On Thursday evening, Tellier-Craig presented less restraint, taking the audience beyond the previous night’s state of suspension, propelling the venue into the sounds of his strange electronic machines. Similar to Ratté, Tellier-Craig’s sonic vocabulary pulls from 1970s analog equipment, but is presented with the depth of today’s exaggerated digitalism. The music of this performance breathed more deeply, with Tellier-Craig carrying listeners through higher highs and lower lows, all while Ratté’s work twisted and contorted on the large screen up front.

The collaborative work of Ratté and Tellier-Craig is exceptionally well coordinated and cooperative, sometimes seemingly essential that they occur together. An aesthetic is prominently shared between their art forms, resulting in a fantastic unity between two distinct mediums.

Check out Festival Phénomena online at:

Review by Mike Dean

weird canada - if u got ears

Weird Canada hosts IF YOU GOT EARS_October 29

weird canada - if u got ears

It’s the FUNDING DRIVE episode today on IF YOU GOT EARS today ~ tune in for our special programming, new tunes and interviews!

The focus of the episode is the ‘How To’ section of Weird Canada’s prolific website. This is a highly inclusive and instructive way to share skills, experience and knowledge for how to do all sorts of musical things in Canada. Some of the popular topics include ‘How To Make A Zine’, ‘How To Play In Multiple Bands’ and ‘How To Put On A Show’ ~ super useful, huh?

Also on the show are editors Emily McQuarrie and Penny Clark, plus WC co-founders Aaron Levin and Marie Leblanc Flanagan.

Tune in noon to 2pm and pledge to If You Got Ears online at ~ every bucks counts!


Hey friends,

We’re halfway through our annual funding drive here at CKUT and things are really hopping around these parts… As you can see from the VU metre above, we’re just shy of $20,000 and are hustling to bring in $50,000 by the time the drive wraps up on Sunday night. If you haven’t tuned in yet, you’re missing out on all sorts of amazing content: live in-studio performances, interviews, remote broadcasts, et plus! We also have an insane amount of great prizes available to those who donate… what are you waiting for? Tune in, spread the word, and show some love if you can!


ckut top 30 – october 28, 2014
kaie kellough – creole continuum – howl! arts CC
mozart’s sister – being – paper bag CC
moss lime – july first – fixture CC
dead soft – s/t – kingfisher bluez CC
v/a – misery loves company complete discography vol. 2 – misery loves co. CC Continue reading

island freq graphic

Island Frequencies hosts The Montreal Sessions :: October 28

island freq graphicFor the final instalment of Island Frequencies hosting The Montreal Sessions, your host Paula will be taking your ears on a wild ride. This is a special episode, not only because it’s the last episode, but it’s also CKUT’s Funding Drive!

In addition to playing music from Workdeath and Limbs Wandered Alone, Paula also has a cast of in-studio guests sharing music and poetry alike.

3:30 – performance + interview: Drainolith
4:00 – performance + interview: Pelada
4:30 – performance + interview: Steve Godin

Prizes: Constellation prize pack // 2 Tickets Kevin Drumm & Jason Lescalleet @ La Vitrola, Nov. 8

underground sounds logo

FUNDING DRIVE // Underground Sounds

underground sounds logo

Tune in to Underground Sounds’ once-a-year Funding Drive episode tonight from 8-10pm for emerging, independent music and wicked prizes. Your host Nick Schofield will be covering why it’s important to support CKUT, how you can help and what’s in store for every pledger. On top of all the prizes CKUT is offering, by donating to Underground Sounds you will go home with hand-printed, screen-printed poster by GRIMES and a mixtape CD of live performances from artists who played lived on the show in the last year, like Mozart’s Sister and Hobo Cubes.



It’s a crucial time to tune in to CKUT’s NEW SHIT cause it’s thee Funding Drive! We’re spending our show, today 3-5pm, reminiscing about all the amazing times from this past year, interviewing artists about the importance of CKUT and giving away must-have musical prizes. We’ll be chatting with Corbin & Gleb from Steve Jr, Sarah Ayton from Rock Camp For Girls and local musician Alex Pelchat starting at 3:30 and we’ll be giving away goodies from these local labels all afternoon, so tune in, donate and help keep CKUT on the airwaves!

  • Constellation Records prize pack (2LPs, to be announced!)
  • Jeunesse Cosmique prize pack
  • Fixture Records prize pack (Freelove Fenner’s “Do Not Affect a Breezy Manner” LP, Chevalier Avant Garde’s “Resurrection Machine” LP, Brave Radar’s “Message Centre” cassette, Moss Lime’s “July First” cassette)
  • 1 copy of Stefan Christoff & Sam Shalabi’s “Rodina” LP
  • 1 pair of tickets to WTCHS/Maica Mia/Wreckage with Stick, Whoop-Szo @ Cabaret Playhouse, October 29th
  • Psychic Handshake prize pack featuring every title currently in print, including: LPs by Babysitter, UBT, and Legato Vipers; 12” EPs by You’ll Never Get to Heaven, Sex Church, and Vomit Squad; an assortment of 7”s and cassettes; and a couple T-Shirts in available sizes.


This Saturday: The Goods w/ DJs Andy Williams & Scott C + Andy Smith (ex-Portishead)

We’re in day two of CKUT’s annual funding drive, and lemme tell you things are hopping around the station… we’re up to our eyeballs in special programming, wicked prizes, and insane events. Speaking of, here’s one going down this weekend that we’re particularly psyched about — the all-star crew behind The Goods is bring the one and only Andy Smith to town,  and it’s hands down the best weekend bet for groove-lovers around town.  For those not in the know…

Who is Andy Smith?

23 January 1967, Thornbury, Bristol, Avon, England. Smith made his name on the UK music scene in the mid-90s as the official tour DJ for the Bristol-based trip-hop act Portishead. The response to his opening sets for that band prompted Smith’s decision to release his own mix album in 1998. The highly praised The Document appeared on the Go! Beat Records label, and its popularity within the house and hip-hop fraternity helped give Smith a great profile boost. The list of records on the album seemed absolutely bizarre from Tom Jones to Jeru The Damaja, but with seamless mixing and top-drawer cutting and scratching Smith fashioned one of the year’s finest mix releases. Further work with Portishead was balanced with an increasingly hectic schedule as an international DJ, but in the new millennium Smith found the time to launch Dynamo Productions with Scott Hendy of the hip-hop outfit Boca 45. The duo issued a number of 12-inch singles before debuting with Analogue in early 2003. Shortly afterwards, Smith released his second mix set (inventively titled The Document II). The album continued in the eclectic vein of its predecessor, beginning with a Kate Bush track and moving through Serge Gainsbourg, the Ultramagnetic MC’s and Barbara Acklin. One of the least pretentious DJs on the UK music scene, Smith educates and rocks the party out at the same time.

Catch it this Saturday, October 25 at the Sala. Want more info? Check it out via Cult Mtl or Facebook.



CKUT’s annual Funding Drive is back and we’re going the extra mile to raise $50, 000 this year by offering sweet prizes and on-air ear candy.

Why pledge? Because CKUT is people-powered, free form radio with no corporate funding, meaning we don’t conform to commercial interests. Also, we’re here for the communities of Montreal, supporting social equality by offering a voice to marginalised groups.

Lastly, progress comes from experimentation. CKUT is a place to learn, test new ideas and let your imagination run wild.

Call to pledge now: 514-907-9424 or donate online at