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Album Review: Christine Fellows ‘Burning Daylight’

By: Amanda Zarnowski

Christine Fellows’ sixth album Burning Daylight is a concept album about winter which draws inspiration from the stories of Jack London as well as from her travels through the Yukon and Nunavut. The song cycle and accompanying book of poetry equally spotlight her words and her music, which seems fitting for an artist whose songs have always painted bold, clear pictures.

 The book contains her poetry and song lyrics, as well as visual art by Alicia Smith. Fellows’ poetry takes place in modern day, but the poems blend right in with London’s turn of the century stories, which are quoted throughout the book. The line between winters present and past seem to blur together where nature is concerned, the cold itself overriding everything. The difference is not in the frozen landscape, but in working through it: radar systems, ships, rail lines, shelter and warmth. Each poem seems like a little crisis, a storm which both nature and humanity must overcome. Winter provides little hope.  Continue reading


Whewwww, what a week— I survived my 10th Pop Montreal, and it was as packed as ever. Saw a bunch of great shows, checked out the record and craft fairs, caught a pretty awesome symposium talk, ran around between afterparties… all that, plus organizing/attending CKUT’s annual general meeting and playing a non-Pop show with Naomi Punk (who totally rule, btw) made for a pretty insane week.

Now, it’s time to catch up on sleep.


ckut top 30 – september 23, 2014
mozart’s sister – being – paper bag CC
lydia ainsworth – right from real pt. 1 – arbutus CC
hag face – rag face – self-released CC
henri-pierre noel – one more step – wah wah
kyle bobby dunn – kyle bobby dunn and the infinite sadness – students of decay CC Continue reading


Broken Obelisk hosts IF YOU GOT EARS_September 24

handshakesTune in for the final September instalment of If You Got Ears, hosted by percussionist and composer Evan Tighe today noon to 2pm. This week Evan shares some “post-Pop” picks and invites two musicians, Luke Loseth and Josh Zubot, for an improvised “hand-shake gig” ~ a performance where the musicians have never met before.

Over the course of September, Evan has brought an inquisitive, intelligent and broad range of ideas and sounds to CKUT’s airwaves. If this is the first you’re hearing of this residency, the Music Department recommends you check out the program archives for some magical radio moments. Folks who are interested in following Evan’s work should visit his personal site and attend his monthly residency at Resonance Cafe. Thanks for listening and stay tuned for our next curator, if you got ears…