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Holy smokes, Pop Montreal starts tomorrow and the city is abuzz… the next five days are gonna be jam-packed with shows, panels, installations, and much more. We here at CKUT are gearing up for all the excitement, and we’re especially psyched to be presenting a bunch of rad shows during the fest — including the legendary Calypso Rose and JJ Fad. It’s gonna rule! However, this was also a particularly terrible week for the office espresso maker (RIP) to call it a day…

If you’re gonna be in Montreal for Pop, gimme a shout — it’s always nice to connect with other radio folks visiting our fair city. :)

And hey, thanks for this too!


ckut top 30 – september 16, 2014
all day breakfast string band – shanghai – self-released CC
helene prevost – a la plage – tour de bras CC
klara lewis – ett – editions mego
jennifer castle – pink city – idee fixe CC
thomas anksersmit – figueroa terrace – touch Continue reading

evan tighe

Broken Obelisk hosts IF YOU GOT EARS_September 17

evan tighe

Evan Tighe, Montreal-based drummer and composer, is cruising into week 3 of curating If You Got Ears. This guy is one for the books. His past episodes have explored abstract and noise-inflected music from the vantage point of being a legit noisemaker in the city, and you can have hight expectations of todays show, 12-2pm.

See Evan perform as Broken Obelisk, with Wake Island at Pop Montreal and leading a monthly event at Resonance Cafe. What a jazz cat.