Hey friends,

I am still recovering from playing an amazing, raucous tape release last night w/ my two dear compadres in Lungbutter, alongside Steve Jr. and Blankets — truly some of Montreal’s finest. Feeling a little sleepy still, but so it goes…

Today was all meetings at CKUT: we’re talking big-picture plans and plenty of awesome schemes courtesy of our board and steering committees — hence the lack of speciality charts and the belated nature of this message… apologies! Back to business next week.


ckut top 30 – august 19, 2014
klara lewis – ett – editions mego
shearing pinx – infinite siblings III – self-released CC
tune-yards – nikki-nack – 4AD
fka twigs – lp1 – young turks
alvarius b – sorban palid – abduction
helene prevost – a la plage – tour de bras CC
usa out of vietnam – crushing disease – aurora borealis cc
gisele ricard – électroacoustique (1980-1987) – tenzier CC
jacaszek & kwartlidium – catalogue des arbres – touch
marie davidson – perte d’identite – weyrd son CC
all day breakfast string band – shanghai – self-released CC
swans – to be kind – young god
chicks on speed – artstravaganza – self-released
amir amiri – arghavan – aaa music
meredith monk – piano songs – dcm
cousins – the halls of wickwire – ba da bing! CC
talk west – black coral sprig – preservation
stefan christoff & david parker – wire tones EP – howl! arts CC
tilting – holy seven – barnyard CC
leyland kirby – v/vm: the death of rave (a partial flashback) – history always favours the winners
saxsyndrum – future circus remixed – self-released CC
chenard/dubuc/heyden/leclerc – allochtone – tour de bras CC
yann tiersen – infinite – mute
v/a – shake!arama ’14 – shake! records CC
anne-f jacques – some asperities – zero moon CC
hellenica – they are out for blood – self-released CC
quoique escamilla – 500 years of night – lulaworld records
bo anders persson – love is here to stay – subliminal sounds
OOIOO – gamel – thrill jockey
year of glad – old growth – self-released CC