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small teeth

Album Review: Small Teeth

small teeth

By: Xander Belton

If you haven’t yet heard Small Teeth, you should. The four piece band from Montreal perfectly blends together grinding distortion and reverb-drenched melodies with their psychedelic garage-rock inspired debut album. From the thundering kick at the start of “Dishwashers” to the triumphant marching band-esque rhythms of “Murder House”, Small Teeth proves that they are a band to be reckoned with. The album is packed with crunchy, catchy guitar riffs from start to finish, mixing brilliantly with Malcolm John Ward Remple‘s entrancing vocal melodies and Reg Kachanoski‘s booming kick drum. Whether you’re into garage rock, punk or psychedelic rock, Small Teeth‘s off-the-cuff, raw rock is sure to catch your attention. Don’t miss out on the bands debut self-titled album rocking the airwaves on 90.3FM CKUT.

Tonight on Cabelli Présent: The Ambient Sounds of Osheaga

CKUT’s own Nick Cabelli, host of Cabelli Présente, was at Osheaga over the weekend to capture the festival’s subtle, behind-the-scenes sounds. The resulting soundscape will be airing tonight, and here’s a preview in his own words of what you can expect:

I love accidental and ambient sounds. An outdoor music festival with 100,000 visitors is basically a small, single-use city built exclusively to party. I wish I could have been there for a week before and after, recording trucks delivering enormous PAs and the clang clang clang of the fearless metal workers riveting together the world.

Instead I was there to make field recordings for only 2 days–along with countless thousand other music fans and sun worshipers–and my tape recorder and I witness the golden age of a brief civilization: Osheaga 2014.

I tried to capture as many distinct and curious sounds as possible from this disposable society, from this collectively dreamed partyville. Metal on metal, sneakers on rocks, ambient chatter and even 53 seconds of silence, where the birds and bugs of Ile Ste Helene briefly rose above the fun before sinking back into their swampy homes, as we all did once the tinted tourbus windows rolled away.

Hear the full piece tonight on Cabelli Présente, 11pm-1am on the almighty 90.3FM or streaming at ckut.ca.