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swollen members

Album Review: Swollen Members – Brand New Day

swollen members

Written by: Nema Gaye

The Vancouver group is back with an 11th album; a perfect example of longevity in the game. The trio quickly made this fan comfortable as soon as the album starts. Indeed, you recognize that West Coast /‘’Cypress Hillish ‘’ sound with a production by Rob the Viking in the majority of the tracks.

The Canadian group clearly didn’t take risks and stayed in their comfort zone with their pretty successful recipe to make records. They keep it simple, and it works pretty well. The single ‘’Brand New Day’’ is a little bit more ‘’soft’’ with a drum based production and feminine vocals for the hook. But it still blends pretty well with the rest of the album who contains other softer song like Park bench.

A part of production by C-Lance You can also expect apparition from DJ Revolution on 1 track and DJ Makeway on two track. After 6 albums with the Californian label Suburban Noise they are back with a Canadian release with Battle Axe Records. A good album to add to your Hip Hop collection, and to support good underground Canadian music. Go cop it.

Doldrums hosts If You Got Ears

Doldrums main man Airick Woodhead has been living in Montreal and releasing music on the Arbutus label since 2012. While the band takes time off touring to finish recording he will be digging into his collection of psychedelic and electronic music to play on air, focusing mostly on Canadian underground artists.

On today’s show, Airick will be joined by fellow Arbutus member Flow Child for a very live DJ set. Catch it today from 12-2pm EST, streaming right here.




Hey friends,

Last week a few of us CKUT-ers hiked to the top of Mount Royal to our transmitter site for a tour of the place and a full run-down of what it takes to get our signal out into the air, 5600 watts strong. If you’ve never been to an actual transmitter, I’d definitely recommend it — radio is pretty fascinating stuff.

RPM charts return next week.


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