Album Review: Brave Radar ‘Message Centre’


By: Rory Warnock

Brave Radar have returned, releasing their first album in 5 years. The eight song Message Centre EP will definitely not disappoint, drawing from classic 1960’s pop music elements while producing a sound that is distinct. The EP, which was recorded at home over a two-month period, takes a refreshing minimalist approach to pop music structures while incorporating other unique traits. Steady and compelling instrumentation accompany beautiful vocal harmonies that sing about a variety of topics including cars, nightmares and office life. Each track blends together in particular ways to offer something different while maintaining a light energy that is consistent through the entire album.

Message Centre is an EP that would be a welcome addition to anyones summer listening list because it captures the distinguishable essence of the season.

Released on Fixture Records, Brave Radar’s Message Centre can be streamed and purchased at