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Corbin Ordel

Corbin Ordel hosts ‘If You Got Ears’ all June!

Corbin OrdelFor all of June, If You Got Ears is curated by local sweetheart, Corbin Ordel. Tune in Wednesdays 12-2 for Corbin’s experimental sessions. Here’s how he puts its…

I am Corbin Ordel (one 1/2 of Steve Jr.) and I will be playing music coming from 
all corners and sections of the rainbow. Everything that has planted a flag in my brain will be presented on the show. I will be playing tracks from my extensive 
catalogue of 74-minute minidisk mixes (tracks can range from early millennium nu 
metal <my preferred music for walking around the mall in Bellingham, Washington> 
to my all time favourite bands from Washington, D.C. <perfect for summer cruising>) and other life-affirming albums (a lot of these are made by my friends). DJ 
Spencer Gilley will be performing live in studio on June 11th and in anticipation of the Suoni Per Il Popolo show on June 7th (feat Tonstartssbandht, Cousins of Reggae, and Steve Jr.) I will be playing selected tracks from each band.